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Mama’s Gone Crazy & We Are Never Getting Back Together Vlog

by Deborah Cruz

Taylor Swift’s We are never getting back together song is one of my favorites right now so, of course, I had to completely make an ass of myself and sing it for you. Okay folks, I keep saying that I am going to do more vlogs.The problem is that I hate the way that I sound on video and my lip does this crazy nervous thing. Think drunk Billy Idol. Anyways, I also do not lie or like to break promises and I Love to make you guys laugh. So a promise is a promise and I am making more videos starting with this one today.

You guys have been awesome this year. Your support and love over the last few months has meant the world to me. You gave me a place to wade through my feelings and process them without feeling like I was wasting your time or boring you, which by the way, I am perfectly aware that some of you were thinking, ” Jeez O’Pete change the record lady.” That is perfectly okay. I’ve changed the record..for now. It was just one of those things that I had to completely live through before I could move past it. Anyways, enough about my crappy year.

It has also been filled with blessings and that too has everything to do with the people that I surround myself with; you included. Thank you for being my sounding board, my confidant and partners in commiseration and love. Who knew the internet was so freaking awesome.

Anyways, in gratitude in love, I have made this vlog and I hope it makes you smile. I plan on doing loads more. I  just need to find a better camera to shoot on, so if you have any suggestions, share them in the comments. I don’t particularly like the thought of looking like the lovechild of an albino uni-bomber and a drunk Billy Idol. The things I do for you.

Oh and by the way, no yoga pants were harmed in the making of this vlog but we are most certainly on a break, Ross and Rachel style. We’re seeing other people.I’m eyeballing some bell bottom jeans and I may just send the pants to England to help Princess Kate until she gets back on her feet. Poor kid.

P.S. I would totally not be mad at you if you want to subscribe to my Youtube channel, it has been severely neglected. Poor little bastard.

What do you think of my We are never Getting Back together parody?

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1 comment

Tanya 2012/12/04 - 12:23 pm

I love this song too. When it first came out I think I listened to it like 20 times!! I don’t think I would dedicate it to my yoga pants though.. I don’t think I could give them up just yet 🙂


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