Needed~ Type-A Parent conference pass

MomImpact is giving away a Type-A parent conference pass and I NEED it. So, I am entering the giveaway. This giveaway that can help put me on the path to realize one of my greatest dreams and exhaust all my potential. I have a dream people, a really big bloggy dream.I have not been to any conferences yet and I really want need to make it to Asheville. This contest is fabulous because I don’t have to beg any of you to vote for me. I only need to share my six word story of why I want to attend the conference. Here is my six word story:



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Ha, proof that sometimes even 140 characters is too much. Thanks for playing!

LOL!I am a twitteraholic I can say ANYTHING in under 140 characters:) I hope your trained monkey picks me:) I promise, I will take full advantage of the opportunity!

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