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Truthful Tuesday; June 22, 2010

by Deborah Cruz

Honesty , is the best policy ,right? Well, maybe not but it sure does help lighten your load. I hate holding things in and I seldom do, as you probably have already guessed. Here are my confessions for the day:

1) Still annoyed about being sick in the summer!

2) Super annoyed that I am sick here alone, with my the big guy out of town for business! Out of town on business sucks! When do I get to go out of town for business? Quick, somebody find me some out of town business!

3)I am really getting aggravated that I am finding out on a daily basis that people that I always thought I could count on, I can not. Then again, support and true friendship is sprouting up in the most unlikely places. I’m not going into specifics but I’ve been habitually let down by people lately and its stating to turn my half full into a half empty attitude. Don’t worry, I won’t let it.

4) Nosy/Gossipy neighbors! Now, I am all for suburban neighborhood bonding. Hell, one of my best friends is my neighbor and she ROCKS! Thanks for picking up the meds so us sickies didn’t have to venture out, you rock S! But what I can’t stand are neighbors who tell me in one breath that they are very private and like to keep to themselves and in the next tell me all the gossip of the neighborhood! Hmmm? What’s worse, their gossip and opinions are all skewed because they don’t actually talk to their neighbors…just about them. So, please Mr. Neighbor, please keep your false accusations and gossip to yourself. I actually know these people, and with the exception of one really big asshole ( other than yourself) they are all pretty  freaking sweet neighbors!

OK, enough confessing for tonight. I feel better already. Sometimes, you just need to to get it off of your chest!Happy Mothering!

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1 comment

Missy 2010/06/23 - 6:02 pm

Finally following back from last Friday's blog hop. Sorry for taking so long!


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