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Throat punch Thursday

Throat Punch Thursday ~Chuck Norris Karate Chop crazy edition

by Deborah Cruz

Seems like this week, I have two recipients tied for Throat Punch Thursday. Imagine that? The first one comes to us via Kenya, Africa. This is the scene, a couple welcome into the world their new baby boy. To their disappointment he is mentally handicapped. Fast forward 30 years, Thomas ( the baby boy now a man) tied to a bed surrounded by pools of his own urine. Imprisoned like this for the past 30 years by his parents.They have no choice. Angry and fearful neighbors have been chasing the family from village to village because they are afraid that he will attack them. This forces his parents to lock him in a shack, away from the outside world. They have to lock him away to keep him safe from the ignorance of the villagers who find him to be a threat. For now, Thomas’ family feels like they are being punished because they are not allowed to live their life in peace. So, who gets the throat punch you ask? Well, obviously the villagers for being so freaking ignorant and letting preconceived notions rule the world but also Thomas’ mother. Believe me, I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted with a situation. I understand she wants a break from her misery. I understand that it’s a lot to ask of a person, even a mother,  but she goes on to say that she has never known joy since she has been married. I got the distinct impression that some harm may befall poor unsuspecting Thomas..and it won’t be at the hands of the villagers. That may be a good alibi but from the video I felt that Thomas’ mother may be on the verge of driving her cow over the edge of a very steep peak with Thomas tethered to it. So, my throat punch has to go to his poor ,exhausted and tired mother. I feel that a hefty kick to the head may be just what is needed to knock some sense into her head!

Next Throat Punch goes to CANCER! You heard me right..Cancer! Poor little toddlers should not be having to deal with brain tumors and cancer. If they are unfortunately inflicted, it is our duty as parents to do whatever it takes to make them as comfortable as possible. We need to improve their quality of life, especially when the quantity may be drastically shortened. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to cure my child or save their life. You remember that movie John Q with Denzel Washington? That’s me..I am of the John Q parenting technique. So, I say, if medicinal marijuana is going to help my child who has been in such pain that they have not eaten for 40 days feel some comfort. You bet your sweet ass, this Mommy is going to administer medicinal marijuana if prescribed by the pediatric oncologist. I’m not saying that I’m going to go out to the seedy part of town and score some ganja on my own but I would certainly do what needs to be done, to help my child. So, cancer and judgmental assholes who have never had to hold their 3 year old down to have a forced spinal tap done to confirm a leukemia diagnosis and think that it is “wrong” or “unethical” to administer a doctor prescribed relief from the torture..THROAT PUNCH to you, right up side your head. I know the concern is the damage to short term memory and killing brain cells and all that but if my child were diagnosed and dying, living on borrowed time…why should it be the government’s choice what my own flesh and blood, fruit of my loins, my heart walking free in the world should have to endure in the name of what is politically correct? In my world, as in most parents, my number one priority is my child. Sometimes it fits the parameters of PC, others maybe not but that’s not my concern. John Q rules! Chuck Norris karate chops to cancer!

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Jess@Straight Talk 2011/02/24 - 4:03 pm

Cancer is a mofo. A big fat mofo. And I couldn’t even finish reading what you wrote because I saw the pic of that sweet boy and it broke my heart. And scares me. But hell yes.

Truthful Mommy 2011/02/26 - 9:38 pm

Hell yeah indeed! Cancer can suck the big one! Kids with cancer kills me. I cant even watch the damn Jennifer Aniston commercial for Saint Judes. It leaves me in a pool of snot and tears..every.Single. time!!!ARGH! I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my nephew was diagnosed with cancer when he was 3! Luckily, he is now 15 and in a full remission but it was pretty awful for awhile there, for sure. XO

Jennifer Brandt 2011/02/24 - 11:12 pm

Good stuff, Debi. I’m right there with you on kicking cancer upside the head and any person who judges a parent for the way they fight to save their child’s life from this horrific disease.

Truthful Mommy 2011/02/26 - 10:50 pm


This is so true. Cancer sucks! My nephew was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 3. He was in so much pain. If anyone would have been able to offer something..anything to ease his pain, it would have been done. Its easy for people to be judgmental when they’ve not had to endure it themselves.


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