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The Western Digital TV Live Hub~ All of your Digtial Entertainment needs met in one Media Marvel

by Deborah Cruz

What is it? The Western Digital TV Live Hub~All of your Digital Entertainment needs met in one Media Marvel The WD TV Live Hub brings your digital life to your big screen. Whether it’s your own videos, music, and photos or Internet entertainment, you can play it all in the comfort of your living room in brilliant high-definition. Put your personal media on the high-capacity built-in hard drive and stream it to any screen in the house. Just to let you know how great I think this product is,let’s just say that I’d like to make it my boyfriend. It is that awesome. If you are anything like me your entire life is on the computer; bills, music, photos, movies, games, children’s records, work, etc…The WD TV Live Hub allows you to move a big portion of that to your TV screen or projector allowing you to enjoy life with your family in real time. Which I know is very important to all of us.

The Western Digital TV Live Hub

The Western Digital TV Live Hub; More than meets the Eye

What does it say it will do?

Key Features

  • Watch the things you love on the screen you love.
  • Watch popular movies and TV episodes instantly
  • Access popular Internet content from the comfort of your living room
  • Play all your personal media the easy way
  • Play almost any type of media file
  • Automatic play
  • Collect your media in one place. Stream it anywhere in the house.
  • Centralize your media collection
  • Access media anywhere on your home network
  • It’s a multi-room media server streaming to any TV in your house
  • Video camera-ready
  • Transfer files easily
  • Sync new media
  • Take your entertainment center to a whole new level of cool
  • Full-HD 1080p video playback
  • Programmable remote
  • Works with USB keyboards
  • WiFi-ready
  • HDMI 1.4, composite video and component video output
  • SPDIF digital output

Does the the Western Digital TV Live Hub do what it says it will do?

Yes, The Western Digital Live TV Hub does everything it says it will do and more than I ever thought possible. It has produces a very high quality digital entertainment experience beyond what you would expect and we’ve had no streaming issues at all. I mention this because we also have an Apple TV and have always had streaming issues with it. So the fluid streaming is an absolute delightful surprise.

Do you need to consult a manual or is it “User Friendly”? The Western Digital TV live Hub is absolutely user friendly. The user interface is very self explanatory and easy to navigate. You don’t have to be extremely tech savvy to use this hub. You simply need to know how to use a remote control and select the function you’d like to use. We love it and i am not exaggerating when I say The Western Digital TV Live Hub ~All of your Digital Entertainment needs met in one Media Marvel!

The Western Digital TV Live Hub; Simply Awesome


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