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Anders Behring Breivik, Oslo

The Scariest Thing about Parenthood ~ Anders Behring Breivik A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

by Deborah Cruz

Anders Behring Breivik Once we become parents, our biggest fear instantly becomes losing a child and it becomes our life’s mission to avoid this ever happening, at all cost. Knowing this, you can understand why, for parents of the world, this past weekend was our worst nightmare realized.

Anders Behring Breivik, Oslo

Anders Behring Breivik

On Friday afternoon, the events that transpired in Oslo were the shots heard round the world. First, the bombing in Oslo’s epicenter, which can be likened to our own Oklahoma bombings, shocked us from our comfortable existence. The world stood still and sat flabbergasted as a lone gunman, Anders Behring Breivik,  irrevocably changed the lives of 168 parents creating a ripple that will be felt for generations to come. I harbor a great deal of trepidation at the idea of camp, especially if it is a sleep away camp but the very thought of sending my kid off in the world for extended amounts of time with strangers has bothered me since the days of my youth spent watching Friday the 13th. The events of the past couple of weeks in New York and now Oslo have all but convinced me that my over protecting Mommy senses may actually be closer to spot on than irrational. Breivik, a handsome (is it wrong that it scares the hell out of me that his good looks could have soothed the minds of many a mom? (Including me)), seemingly well-adjusted gentlemen in his early 30’s was actually a monster hidden behind the mask of “normal”. Not since Ted Bundy, has someone that appeared on the outside as completely likable actually been a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Usually, there is something ( even if its just a feeling) that helps us to identify the deviants and maleficent of the world.But with, Breivik that was not the case.

Anders Behring Breivik

Dressed as a police officer, Breivik approached the camp moving across the wooded lake picking off the young campers one by one. He sprayed the shore with bullets as terrified youths scattered in attempts to hide themselves from the flying bullets. 84 (14-19 year olds) known victims were killed on that summer afternoon. I imagine that the moments before they died were spent in fear and confusion. The children were already trying to digest the news of the bombings in the city and then came the sound of bullet sprays. Momentarily their minds were put at ease when they saw a Norwegian officer approaching. When their guard was down, Breivik proceeded to callously end their short lives with absolutely no regard for who they were or what they meant to those who loved them. No motive had been disclosed as of yet, but there is talk that Breivik was a right-wing extremist.Undetonated bombs were later found on the island.There will never be a motive that can justify what Breivik has done to the community of Oslo and the parents of the world. He has struck justified fear and changed the way the we move in the world. My heart goes out to the people of Oslo and fear has been struck in my own heart.I’d rather be a crazy, hovering helicopter parent than get a call that my child was gun downed while unsuspectingly enjoying nature.

Anders Behring Breivik

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wagthedad 2011/07/25 - 9:53 am

I cannot imagine how it must feel to lose a child to some madman’s rage. Having lost a child myself, and experiencing the anger at the faceless pharmaceutical company responsible (and thoroughly un-liable, of course) for his death, I can only imagine what it would do to you to see this person sitting in front of you.

On that note, I would say that at least you can put a face to the deed.

And this comment is turning out to so not be about what I wanted it to be about.

I can say that losing a child never goes away. The pain never leaves. You can sand it down, diminish it, lock it away or combat it with anti-depressants, working out, pain killers and alcohol, but it will remain with you until you die.

I don’t think this man understands this. He probably will claim to, around sentencing time, and he may try to in some way make things good, but that’s impossible now.

Evin Cooper 2011/07/25 - 12:20 pm

It’s so hard! You want your kids to live life, learn independence, learn to be brave.. but at the same time wrap them in a bubble of safety so nothing bad can ever ever happen. Seriously, for me, that’s one of the hardest parts of motherhood.

Coolwhipmom 2011/07/28 - 9:37 pm

When things like this happen it can make you question everything from your parenting style to the meaning of life itself. My heart is eternally broken for the families of those children who were killed. I simply can’t even imagine the depth of their pain.

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