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Nutrisystem, weight loss, diet, #NSNation

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

by Deborah Cruz

Nutrisystem, weight loss, diet, #NSNationNutrisystem is keeping me focused. It’s been one of those kinds of weeks; you know the ones where you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off? The ones that start off with you trying to beat the clock on some deadlines and ends with you almost falling out of your attic. I’m telling you, some higher power yanked my by the back of my t-shirt and saved my life. Staying on course was difficult. It’s hard to plan your meals and grocery shop when you are working your tail off just trying to keep up. I know some of you know the feeling.

Nutrisystem, weight loss, diet, #NSNation

Thankfully, half the work is done for me with Nutrisystem. I have my entrees; I only need to add the sides, fruits and veggies, and extra protein. But even that is near impossible without planning and help. I made sure that I got in my daily 60-minute walk/jogs at least 4 times last week. I shoot for 10,000 steps because then my FitBit tells me that I’m a good girl. More importantly, my pants tell me that I am staying on point.

Nutrisystem, weight loss, diet, #NSNation

Monday marked the end of my 4th week on the Nutrisytem program and, even with all the chaos of life; I lost another 1.8 pounds for a grand total of 11 pounds and 22 inches lost. I’ve lost 3 inches off of my arms, 4 inches off of my chest, 6 inches off of my waist, 5 inches off of my hips and 4 inches off of my thighs. I don’t know about you, but that thrills me.  I am a long way from the my goal weight of 137 pounds but I am now under the 100 pound goal mark to lose and I am also into the 230’s, which is a HUGE accomplishment of its own. I am proud of myself.

Nutrisystem, weight loss, diet, #NSNation

I am totally beginning to feel more comfortable with who I am; the skin I am in. Just 11 pounds and my clothes are fitting differently. I am fitting into my life differently. The craziest part of it is that I have begun to enjoy exercising. It’s not something I dread or find myself trying to avoid. I look forward to it. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Nutrisystem, weight loss, diet, #NSNation

I’m not doing anything special or expensive. I am just getting up off my butt and moving; walking and kinda jogging. I am no runner and I still weigh over 200 pounds so I have to ease into it. I stretch out before my morning walk. I put on my headphones and hit the beautiful 5 miles of trails that wind throughout my neighborhood. Sometimes, I take my girls but when my husband is home, I go alone and that, my friends, is a gift all its own. I have one whole hour to just be in quiet solitude, well, except for the runners mix I listen to on Pandora every morning and then I return home winded, energized and ready to start my day off with a chocolate/banana protein shake and a chocolate chip scone. It’s that easy and I love the way I feel when I know I’m actively trying to get myself healthy.

weight loss, Nutrisystem, diet,#NSNation, www.motherhoodthetruth.com

And Just so you ladies know that I don’t always stay in my sweats these days…

Nutrisystem, Weight loss, diet, #NSNation

What’s your motivation to get healthy? Stay tuned for a update and vlog next week!

Want to join me in losing weight and getting healthy on Nutrisystem? You can join Nutrisystem by calling 1-888-853-4689 or visiting https://www.nutrisystem.com/nsblog

Disclaimer: Nutrisystem is providing my program free of charge for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger program but all opinions are honest and my own.

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Jillian A. Sanford 2013/07/11 - 10:50 pm

With the Nutrisystem plan I go online everyday and log onto Nutrisystem’s website to see my progress. I also check the discussion group forums and talk to other men who are trying to lose weight. I enjoy using the Nutrisystem web site.

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