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Nutrisystem Update Week 14~ Exciting news for you

by Deborah Cruz

This week when I weighed myself, I was ecstatic to find that I had lose 1.5 pounds. Which brings my total back up to 17.5 pounds lost on Nutrisystem. I was pretty upset by that pound gain last week but I can say now that I am very happy to see it was only a short visit it was paying to me. I have also incorporated the Biggest Loser workout for the xbox into my workout routine. I love my Zumba but I feel I need something a little more intense to get the calorie burn that I want.

I am still very much enjoying the Nutrisystem meals. Lately, I have really been loving the spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. It is pantry stable and only takes a minute to a minute and a half to cook in the microwave. I top it with a whisper of Parmesan cheese add to it a nice big salad and a cup of ice cold skim milk.YUMMY!

Another meal that I have really been enjoying is the Select frozen gourmet glazed chicken tenders with green beans with almonds. It is awesome. The green beans are crisp and the almonds add the perfect amount of crunch to compliment the tenderness of the chicken. It’s making my mouth water just to talk about it:)

Also, there’s more exciting news  Nutrisystem has introduced a new BMI app for the iPhone to help Americans stay on track to reach our health and weight loss goals! I am all about my iPhone and any app that can help keep me on the right path is fabulous in my book. The free downloadable BMI App is the latest addition to the Nutrisystem Suite of Weight management Mobile apps.

The new app, which is downloadable for free at (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bmi-body-mass-index/id410449057?mt=8#), will provide Nutrisystem members and non-members with an engaging way to quickly and easily assess their BMI, as well as track and monitor changes in BMI over time.

BMI is an effective way to estimate healthy body weight and one of the most widely used diagnostic tools to help identify health and weight problems. The Nutrisystem BMI app for the iPhone features the ability to:

· Calculate BMI in seconds and tell the user if he/she is underweight, healthy or overweight

· Generate a basic diet plan to help improve and maintain an ideal BMI

· Save and track BMI data

· Provide reminders for regular BMI checks

“When it comes to healthy living, knowing and monitoring your BMI is a very important step in the right direction.   At Nutrisystem, we feel that it is our mission to help all Americans lead a healthier lifestyle,” said Chris Terrill, Chief Marketing Officer of Nutrisystem.  “With the introduction of this new, free BMI app for the iPhone, we’re making it simple for anyone – members and non-members alike – to measure their BMI and make positive changes to improve their health.”

Added Terrill, “This app is the latest addition to Nutrisystem’s suite of health and weight loss mobile apps. It furthers our commitment to serving as a leader in the mobile space for weight loss management solutions.”

The introduction of the new Nutrisystem BMI app for the iPhone follows Nutrisystem’s announcement that it has conducted an extensive revamp of its food program.  Last month, Nutrisystem announced that it is incorporating its highest scoring, best tasting fresh frozen gourmet foods into all of its weight loss plans at the lowest price in the Company’s history. The Nutrisystem 28-day program will now include one-third frozen foods and two-thirds of pantry foods and comes with a gourmet money back guarantee and free shipping.

The Nutrisystem® Select® Plan, available only in the Continental U.S., can be purchased by calling the Nutrisystem hotline 1-800-891-3215 or logging onto www.nutrisystem.com.

And don’t forget, right now Nutrisystem is the lowest price it has been since 2003~ If you ever wanted to try Nutrisystem…NOW is the time! What are you waiting for? Start your New You Revolution today!

DISCLOSURE: Nutrisystem is providing their  program to me free of charge  in exchange for my participation in the Nutrisystem Nation Blogging  Program and weekly updates. I am not required to write a positive  review. The opinions I have expressed in this post are my own. I am  disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16  CFR, Part 255

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Wayne Beck 2011/02/14 - 7:01 pm

good job

Truthful Mommy 2011/02/15 - 11:01 am

Thanks Mr. Beck! Gotta get uber hot for my SUper hot love of my life….the BIG GUY!

Mommyfriend 2011/02/14 - 10:08 pm

Super proud of you sexy mama!

Truthful Mommy 2011/02/15 - 11:02 am

Thanks sweetie! I’m trying to get my sexy on:)

Meredith 2011/02/15 - 11:08 am

Way to go!! You’re doing great!! Keep it up and remember to stay positive!!



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