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Monetizing the Hate

by Deborah Cruz

I saw this article from September of 2009 in Jezebel and it just made me laugh. I know most of you have heard of Heather Armstrong, she is Dooce. She is fantastic and phenomenal and she is, I’m not afraid to say it, who I aspire to be. Hell yeah! I want to be just like Dooce when I grow up. She is living my dream. She is blogging royalty!
Anyway, this article is about how she Monetizes the hate. What a fantastic idea. Can you imagine taking all of your blogging hate mail ( she gets loads because, well, people are jealous) and putting it into its own forum and surrounding it with lots of lovely ads? In effect, the very people who are trashing her and hating on her are a source of income for her. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! More like grape juice out of sour grapes. What a bunch of assholes.  Kudos to you Heather Armstrong! It is hard enough to make it as a respectable “Mommy Blogger” without people hating on you because they are jealous of your success. I think it is ingenious that she even thought to monetize the hate.

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