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Like taking Candy from a Baby

by Deborah Cruz

Before we had children, the Big Guy and I were all about Halloween. It was all about the haunted houses, getting the cream filling scared right out of us, picking out a cute costume and having a great party to celebrate.It was always over the top and spooky and we loved it.We lived for it.

Halloween 2008

Now things are different. Now, we have our girls. Halloween is all about dressing up like your favorite story book character, walking around the neighborhood and hearing people ooh and ahh over our girls as they tell them “Here, you’re so cute. Take a couple more pieces!”I find it quite hilarious. I told my husband last night, this whole being cute making life easier thing starts early in life.I’d never noticed before. I couldn’t believe how many houses the girls went up to and some elderly gentleman ( Grandpa like) or Daddy type would tell my girls to take an extra helping from the goodie basket. Really, maybe I was over analyzing the whole thing, maybe it was my sickness impeding my senses but we tell our kids not to talk to strangers. We raise them to never take candy from strangers. I try to raise my daughters to know that their worth as a being has nothing to do with the way they look.Yet, we go out on Halloween trick or treating..begging for candy from strangers.Cohorting with strange adults for candy.Smiling and kowtowing for a piece of candy. Then on top of all these mixed messages, they are actually being given more candy simply for being cute.I guess this is where it all begins. This is where little girls learn that being attractive makes life easier for you; that it makes the world respond to you in a more attentive way.

Halloween 2009

What kind of message am I sending to my girls? I’m sure this went on when I was a kid too but I didn’t pay attention because I WAS the kid.I was just ecstatic to get the candy.I didn’t think of mixed messages or talking to pedophiles but now all that comes flooding to my brain when I think about my girls.Funny how, my biggest concern at Halloween was razor blades in apples and cyanide ridden popcorn balls ( remember, Mom used to toss those things directly into the garbage?)now I have to consider pedophiles, non politically correct feminist squashing candy tactics, and how to explain how it is wrong to talk to strangers ever..except for on Halloween night.Life was so much simpler when my biggest worry was whether or not I would get scared enough.Then, I had children and what scares me the most is that the worrying will never cease. Having your heart walk around outside your body is hard work.Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2010

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In Real Life 2010/11/02 - 12:02 am

Oh my gosh, I know what you mean, sometimes I think that the hardest part of parenting is the worrying!

Super-cute halloween photos!

Krysta 2010/11/02 - 9:54 am

I love Halloween! I never thought about the double standard thing (don't talk to strangers, but then beg them for candy on halloween) It's so ironic. Made me laugh a little. Happy Tuesday!

Boobies 2010/11/02 - 11:25 am

Great post!

Your girls are too cute!!

meandthegrub.com 2010/11/03 - 3:53 pm

"Having your heart walk around outside your body" really sums it up. It's so awful and wonderful at the same time. Ugh, girls…

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip 2010/11/08 - 10:23 am

You know, it's funny that you posted about this, because I has the EXACT same thought as we were trick or treating this year. All of a sudden I was watching my kids at the door of some stranger and I thought, "How is it that we teach them not to talk to strangers, not to accept candy from strangers, but then we walk them aroudn the entire neighborhood and tell them to go up to every door and beg for candy from random people we've never met before?" Great minds think alike huh?

I still have to admit that I love Halloween though. And the kids had a blast this year. In addition to trick or treating around the neighborhood we went to Boo at the Zoo. It was super fun! They had jump houses and candy stations and puppet shows. I think I enjoyed it just as much as the kids!

Oh and btw your little girls are too cute!!! I just want to pinch their adorable little cheeks:)

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip 2010/11/08 - 10:24 am

Oh and one more thing. You have some kickass carved pumpkins, girl!!! Wowza!!! 😛


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