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How To Accessorize Your Car Before A Road Trip, summer vibes

How To Accessorize Your Car Before A Road Trip

by Deborah Cruz

For many people, road trips are excellent ways to bond with family and friends. They are especially popular after CoVid became a thing. No one wants to leave their bubble, and with good reason. Believe me, once we were vaccinated, we jumped in the Jeep and hit the road. If you’re doing it alone, a road trip is an opportunity to travel several miles in silence and with a clearer head. No matter the option you go in for, you can make it just a bit cooler and comfy by accessorizing and customizing your car. Road trips are popular and you’ll likely be joining many Americans to drive over 500 miles this summer. Below is a list of things you can do to make yours special.

Invest in an anti-slip phone mount

We learned this lesson the hard way on our last when our phone kept flying off the dashboard on highway traffic. There are different types of phone mounts, but the most important one is the anti-slip type. You might be on the road for several hours, which may require phone use. It is not advisable to put your phone to your ear while driving simultaneously. In fact, in some states, it’s illegal. Therefore, the anti-slip phone mount may be your best option. The best types will hold up nicely and position your phone at a vantage angle, especially when using GPS for directions. Again, it will be a great addition to the car when you have to make or receive calls without physically handling the phone, especially if your vehicle lacks Bluetooth capabilities. 

Have you ever considered how to use a car phone mount? Some have holders that attach to the AC & heater vents. However, experts say those may not be ideal as extreme temperatures can negatively impact your phone’s battery. A better option would be an anti-slip phone mount that attaches to your car’s dashboard and does not obscure the phone screen. Additionally, some anti-slip mounts make provision for the landscape positioning of your phone. Therefore, you are not limited to only a portrait position of your phone’s screen.

Get a car seat gap filler or side seat gap organizer 

Have you ever experienced the inconvenience of reaching out for something while on the road, only to have it slip between the spaces between your seat (you know like your cell phone that fell off the dash)? Now, that’s a pain you want to avoid on a road trip. Fortunately, you can work around this by getting a car seat gap filler or organizer. These are designed purposely to fit between your car seats and, more importantly, to hold small, portable items. Not going to lie, it was definitely one of those things that #TikTokMadeMeBuy

Your wallet, phone, keys, and other handy items can be stored safely here. The chances of having them slip under the seat is almost non-existent. Moreover, you won’t have to pull over to search for a fallen item under your seats. Fortunately, these car accessories come in packs of two, so you can have more use of them in the car on your road trip.

Customize your car with a vanity plate

This is not a necessity but it sure is fun. I’d definitely rock a #CoolMom vanity plate. Perhaps, you have an affinity for a bit of swag and prefer something whimsical. Reputable number plate sellers such as Platehunter can make this possible before you ever hit the road.

Consider car headrest hangers

These accessories come in handy when you have to be creative with limited car space and believe me, with 2 teen girls in a Jeep, there is never enough room. Headrest hangers also allow you to have more floor space in the car. It spares car occupants the discomfort of keeping their legs in a particular position to avoid stepping on items packed for the road trip. Road trips cannot be fun when occupants of the car have cramped legs and, even worse, no space to stretch their legs especially not when your “babies” are 5’10”. 

Furthermore, people in the backseat can easily reach for items they may need while you keep your eyes on the road. You will be thankful to have the headrest hanger, especially when traveling with kids. Their water and juices will be secured with a reduced risk of spillage. Fortunately, some of these hangers have a two-way design. Therefore, if there isn’t anyone in the front seat, the driver can keep various items nearby. They are also easy to install, and you will not need an expert to do this part for you.

Keep your car clean with a portable garbage bin 

Road trips can be fun but also messy. Waste is generated easily and quickly, especially when snacking in the car. Without anything to contain the trash, you all might end up traveling in a messy vehicle. While there is the option of keeping everything in a plastic bag, it could roll around the floor as the car moves.

This is where the portable car garbage bin is needed. You don’t have to worry about creating a mess as it has a secure lid and a convenient opening. Some brands are sold with paper or plastic bags to collect your trash that you can conveniently dump at rest stops on the way.

Try an ultra-light car vacuum cleaner

Unless you’re using the latest Hyundai Odyssey model with a built-in vacuum cleaner, you may need to purchase one for your car. This device will come of immense use on your road trip. Apart from the trash, you will collect in the portable garbage bin, you will likely have crumbs on the car’s floor mat and seats. Eating in the car on a road trip is nothing new and is more reason to take practical measures to keep the vehicle clean at every chance.

It’s necessary to get the right vacuum cleaner for your car, including purchasing the ones with changeable vacuum nozzle heads. These types conveniently reach all tiny corners between and under the car seats. Don’t forget that the car vacuum cleaner you accessorize your car with must have a powerful suction for efficient cleaning.

Purchase a car visor tissue holder

Lastly, you may want to accessorize your road trip vehicle with a car visor tissue holder. These are super convenient as you don’t have to reach over the dashboard to get a tissue. The likelihood of the tissue box moving across the dashboard is quite high. Therefore, with a pack attached to the sun visor, you can easily reach for some.

Everything you can do to make your road trip fun, convenient, safe and memorable is absolutely welcome.

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