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5 Reasons To Go On Vacation By Motorcycle

by Deborah Cruz

Getting on a motorcycle and going for a ride on the open road is such an immense and amazing feeling. There’s nothing quite as free feeling as riding your motorcycle (or riding on the back of a motorcycle) down an empty stretch of road on a summer’s day and enjoying the scenery around you.

When you next go on a vacation, you might think you need to take your car or rent one. But what if you took a motorcycle with you on a summer adventure vacation? I’d imagine it would feel a lot like flying.

If you’re on the fence about whether that’s a good idea or not, the following five reasons will likely convince you that your two-wheeled transport is perfect for your vacation:

1. It’s Cheap

The first reason to get on your motorcycle and go on vacation with it is how it’s a cheap way to get around. Motorbikes are lightweight and therefore use less gas than cars, so your transport costs will be significantly lower than driving or renting a car.

Most modern motorcycles offer excellent gas mileage, meaning you won’t have to keep stopping at gas stations to fill up along the way.

2. It’s Less Stressful Than Driving A Car

If you only really drive a car these days, you might think a motorcycle vacation might be stressful and even potentially dangerous in comparison.

You may even have thought about a motorbike vacation before, yet asked yourself questions like where do most motorcycle accidents occur? The truth is, you’ll find two-wheeled transport less stressful on any vacation than a four-wheeled alternative.

That’s because, as a car driver, you have to consider things like finding parking spaces, driving down narrow streets, worries about damaged paintwork, and so on.

3. You Won’t Get Caught In Traffic

One super-stressful situation that many people experience during a vacation is getting caught up in traffic. If you’re planning to visit a busy town or city, you will likely encounter queues of vehicles that will inevitably delay your journeys by road.

Sure, you could just use public transport instead of driving a vehicle. But, you want the freedom and flexibility which using your own transport offers.

A perfect way to avoid queues of traffic is with two wheels. That’s because you can easily weave in and out of traffic and get to your destinations quickly and easily.

4. You’ll Experience More Of The World Around You

When you drive a car to places on your vacations, one thing you will notice is how restrictive you can feel despite the freedom and flexibility that using your own transport offers.

However, if you use a motorcycle on your vacations, you can go off-road, for example, and end up in remote, picturesque locations where even 4×4 cars struggle to traverse.

5. It’s Fun

One final point to keep in mind is that motorcycle vacations are fun! You could even go on camping holidays and take everything you need on your motorcycle.

Getting on your bike and hitting the open road offers unlimited potential for fun as you can stay or go anywhere without worrying about passengers or where to park, etc.

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