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Cocktail Play Date

Cocktail Play Dates; Keeping Mommies Sane since Prohibition

by Deborah Cruz

Cocktail Play Dates They say necessity is the mother of all invention and mother did we need something invented to make tolerable the ordeal of being held hostage with strange women as our children licked, bit and chewed on one another ( all in the name of socialization). I’m not saying it’s always going to end in disaster sometimes you may actually salvage a friendship amongst the rubble of the biting, licking and whining( and that’s just the moms). For years, we’ve been drinking coffee during play dates. Isn’t coffee considered a gateway drug? Whether it was the white noise effect our children provided in the background as we gossiped ( as we kept one very suspicious eye on that 3 year old baby Huey about to hit our little princess with a toilet brush) or as we caught up with our most favorite Mommies. Then we’d go home, behind the closed doors of suburbia and drink ourselves into a small stupor at #wineparty after the kids finally passed out from exhaustion. While coffee has it’s place, let’s face it…it leaves something to be desired in the breath department and on an empty stomach can cause quite the scandal at someone else’s loo. Not even Starbucks has figured out a way to remedy that situation. But then the two were merged, play dates and drinking.

Cocktail Play Dates Anyone?

Many people like to have a social drink now and again to loosen up or unwind. This is no secret. A glass of wine to be heart healthy. A Bellini with brunch. A wine spritzer to cool off by the pool? People drink on dates, correct? To calm the nerves? With that being modern culture, it would be no great leap that one might have a nip of this or that to relax and enjoy the date…the play date that it. Do moms get drunk, stumble around dropping kids and play spin the bottle with one another? I’d hope not. Do they do it every single play date? Probably not ( who has the time or energy). But I don’t see the harm in an occasional drink, in moderation, if drank responsibly. It’s been argued that by having these cocktail play dates Mommies are advocating underage drinking or being a “bad” example. I agree, if you are fall down drunk or have a cocktail in your hands at all times, you are probably projecting the wrong impression…functioning alcoholic anyone? But really by having a glass of wine at dinner or the occasional sangria on the back porch,  aren’t we teaching our children to drink socially and responsibly?

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Cocktail Play Dates

I would NOT suggest drinking this particular cocktail around children..EVER! Should come with a fire warning.(stock xchang)

Cocktail Play Dates the beginning of the End

Obviously, if your kid is an infant and you are still breastfeeding steer clear of the alcohol. If you are driving your children even a block, no alcohol for you. If your children are young enough to need you to wipe their asses, noses and hold their hand because they are too shy and/or afraid to socialize..having a drink is probably not an option for you. But if one summer afternoon you find yourself with a couple other Mommies from the neighborhood, your 9 and 10 year olds are together running through the sprinkler, I see nothing wrong with the host Mommy pouring everyone a nice regulation sized glass of Pinot Grigio ( Mimosa, Bellini, Wine Spritzer) coupled with a plate of fruit and cheese ( let’s soak it up as to not make asses of ourselves, Ladies). Everything in moderation. I wouldn’t recommend doing body shots off of one another. I know in my neighborhood, the home association frowns on that sort of behavior. It has something to do with the whole lewd and lascivious behavior or something of the like. Apparently, Mommies gone wild doesn’t have the same appeal as Girls gone wild. Go figure.

In the end, you have to go home to your family, look yourself in the mirror and be OK with how YOU parent. No one else can make that decision for you. They can look at you with judging eyes and disappointed hearts but really who are they to judge? What do you honestly think about mixing the two? Would you? Could you? Have you?

*To clarify, I’ve had one Cocktail during a Play Date in my entire life ( nothing even remotely like those gals in Florida). It consisted of drinking a Mimosa while my mom responsibly chaperoned my daughters’ play date with the neighbor kid. It was brilliant in the way that eating carbs at your leisure is, just a little taboo. Not something I would want or be able to do all the time. Let’s face it, having my children has reduced my tolerance for alcohol to that of a gnat.

Cocktail play dates anyone?


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XLMIC 2011/08/03 - 2:26 am

No way. You really are drinking around your kids? Sheesh….

LOL… just kidding… I see no harm as long as people are being safe. Sometimes I wish I drank still… might at least make things seem easier and a little more fun 😛

AndreaTaylorish 2011/08/03 - 9:19 am

Damn! My kid is almost 10 and now it’s too late for me.

The Cocktail Play Date is a fantastic idea. Let’s just assume that no one is going to drive when they shouldn’t, that the kids aren’t taking part (duh) and that the ice is plentiful.

What a great chance to try out different cocktail recipes, to try to out-do one another with the neatest, tastiest most creative recipe. To show off your cool barware, to make baby laugh as the ice in the martini shaker goes shake-ah shake-ah.

Any Mommy that won’t admit to thinking that the Cocktail Play Date is a GREAT idea is obviously very uptight and/or feels the need to remain on constant sober alert as they fear their child could pull a Dexter any moment.

Rusti 2011/08/03 - 1:19 pm

every 4 months or so (okay, sometimes we go 6 or 7 months between) a few girlfriends and I get together for Girls Night In… it involves some adult beverages, some delicious and unhealthy foods, some chick flicks, lots of chatter, and of course – our girls. All toddlers or younger. (These most often happen while the husbands are working, or otherwise occupied) so they kids to run around and play and have fun together while we eat, chat etc. – and then usually after the girls are all asleep (though not always, there is sometimes that one child who just refuses to sleep) we break out a few drinks and the movies… we have a great time, and we don’t get trashed or anything… sometimes it involves carpooling or sleeping over, others it doesn’t (we’ve actually had at least ONE person not drinking anything due to pregnancy or nursing at each of these GNIs that have actually taken place – we’ve had 3 in 2.5 years… we’re due for another soon.) I don’t know that this actually counts as a “playdate” but it sure is for us mommas! 🙂

Bruna 2011/08/03 - 2:32 pm

If Mommies can’t share a few laughs over an innocent glass of wine while their kids are playing together, well poop on society! I think it’s ridiculous. We’re all grown adults here. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this and Deb, again I couldn’t agree with you more.

Jenni Chiu 2011/08/03 - 3:33 pm

Cocktail play dates are fine by me! People just have to be smart about it. A glass of wine is different than four martinis. I usually choose not to drink around my son, but only because my tolerance is low… and he goes to bed early enough that I can have my fill after he’s asleep. Well, I could… before I got all preggers again.
Now I’m thirsty… sheesh.

wagthedad 2011/08/04 - 7:21 am

Looks like most everyone here is in agreement, but we always offer wine or beer at kids’ birthday parties, IF the parents are present. Generally, now that the kids are a little bigger, and parents don’t attend, we sometimes have the parents come at the end of the party and then stay for an hour or so for a glass or two of wine.

But I live in Europe, and social drinking is the standard. That being said, what passes for social drinking here might be construed as taboo drinking in the U.S. The general rule is that you shouldn’t drink irresponsibly around kids, and irresponsible means basically when you’re not still legally ok to drive. Or if you’re standing there guzzling.

I fully agree that showing your kids that social drinking means drinking responsibly is OK. They have to learn it some time, and I think there’s more damaged caused when parents try to hide it from their kids. Then it becomes taboo, and something more interesting to do (and do secretly, maybe when you’re 16, and driving, and then crashing, etc.).

jess 2011/08/19 - 2:19 pm

I saw this on the news and thought it was interesting. I don’t think it’s a big deal at all for a cocktail while enjoying time with fellow moms. But like you said, there are disclaimers to that like kids that demand lots of attention or driving. Not cool. Walking to the neighbor’s for a cookout and sangria with the family sounds awesome.

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