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Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony Jury Gives Free Pass to Homicidal Mommy

by Deborah Cruz

Today, a travesty of epic proportions has taken place in our judicial system, Casey Anthony was not found guilty of killing her little girl, Caylee Anthony. Casey Anthony was the mother, and I use this term loosely, of the 2-year-old murder victim. I, like most mothers in the world, was emotionally outraged from the court room antics and the entire situation surrounding the case.

Casey Anthony Jury Gives Free Pass to Homicidal Mommy

Do I know how it happened? No! Do I know for certain that she murdered Caylee? No! I understand that evidence was lacking and that the prosecution didn’t exactly do a stellar job. I understand there was a lot of speculation on people’s parts and circumstantial evidence but the bottom line is that Caylee Anthony is dead and her Mom had a part in it. Whether she killed her on purpose or Caylee drown on accident, either way, evidence points to the fact that Casey concealed it. Bottom line is that Casey’s job was to protect Caylee and Casey became the very thing that every other Mother fears the most…a predator.

The defense says Casey Anthony was molested by her father. While tragic and awful in the worst kind of way ( if it is, in fact, true), it in no way excuses a mother from killing her child. It’s being inferred that it was an accident. Perhaps it was, but what mother in their right mind would actively conceal an accident? Why were the authorities not called immediately? Her father was a detective, the man accused of molesting her. It was rumored that he had a hand in helping her to get rid of the body. Why would a person who worked in law enforcement even think to do this?

Casey Anthony Jury Gives Free Pass to Homicidal Mommy

I’m confused as to why one would be afraid to report an accidental drowning? Isn’t that less heinous than the alternatives? Couldn’t reporting the supposed accident have eliminated this entire murder trial circus? If it were an accidental drowning, why wrap Caylee’s head in duct tape, leave her in her car to rot and go about clearing her head while dancing the night away at some club? Then moving forward with the brilliant plan to dump Caylee’s poor little lifeless body in the nearby woods. Or was it on purpose? The thought is too horrific to even fathom. At this point is that question even relevant? The woman killed her kid or at the very least concealed her body and hindered the investigation..for what? She is culpable by sheer knowledge of the incident.

During the trial, Casey’s mother changed her testimony to try and protect Casey and divert blame to herself. Believe me, I understand trying to save your daughter. That’s how we mothers work, obviously, that trait wasn’t passed on to Casey. I do believe that there are 3 people who know what happened to Caylee Anthony; Casey, her mother, and her father. At one point, George Anthony was so overcome by grief or guilt that he tried to kill himself. I am disgusted with our justice system. We are allowing these people to walk free in the world while Caylee no longer has that privilege. I believe that Casey Anthony should be incarcerated for killing her daughter for the remainder of her natural born life and at the very least, she should be sterilized. She doesn’t, in my opinion, deserve to be able to mother another child.

Casey Anthony is a deranged sociopath. The fact that the jury saw fit to let her off of the charges really makes me question the whole trial by jury situation. Apparently, the prosecution dropped the ball and, aside from the court room drama, fell short in the evidential area. The defense team, however, led by Jose Baez, planted a tiny seed of doubt in the jurors head and that was enough to let a guilty woman go free.

Casey Anthony Jury Gives Free Pass to Homicidal Mommy

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No matter what the case may be, Caylee Anthony is still dead and Casey Anthony will never hold her precious baby in her arms again. For this, I am saddened for them both.

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A Mommy in the City 2011/07/05 - 9:31 pm

I agree with you. You saw my post on this. I am not sure if her parents really know what happened to her though. Some part of me thinks that they would have called the police if this really was an accident. Her father worked in law enforcement. If it truly was an accident, he would be the first to know that there are no criminal consequences for that.

I just don’t understand how she can go 31 days without calling the police about her daughter missing. If I couldn’t find Harlan for 5 minutes I would be calling 911.

This is all just so disturbing and so sad.

Carri 2011/07/07 - 12:51 am

I gave that stupid bitch and everyone involved in that case a giant Taco Chop/Throat Punch this week.

That poor little girl. She won’t have justice until Casey Anthony meets her maker.

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/08 - 8:13 am

Believe me, she will be judged one day and it will be way worse than anything any judge could hand down. Plus, she has to live with what she’s done.Not that this is of any consequence because she doesn’t seem to be affected.We don’t know what really is going on inside her head, we never will.She’ll never be free of the guilt or the stigma.

Poppy 2011/07/07 - 2:21 am

Like the rest of the country, I was horrified when I heard the verdict. As mothers, it’s unfathomable that someone could do this to any child let alone their own.

On a brighter note, I’m glad to see your blog is back up and running. I don’t even want to know what you had to do for that shit to happen in such a timely manner…………….

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/08 - 8:09 am

It truly is unfathomable!
You are right, the things I ha to do were unspeakable:)LOL But the blogs up & working so the self sacrifice was well worth it!

Suniverse 2011/07/07 - 10:37 am

Yay that you’re back up and running!

I didn’t follow this, but am not surprised, honestly. Juries are a crapshoot.

Truthful Mommy 2011/07/08 - 8:08 am

Aww,thanks.Me too!I was having a bit of a FREAK out over the white screen of death!

Mommy Blogger 2011/07/07 - 5:04 pm

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