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Halloween Whore Costumes for Kids because our Daughters Need to be even MORE sexualized

by Deborah Cruz

Halloween is here. Why does shark week always happen at the most inopportune times; vacations, honeymoon and every single holiday ever. I suppose that could explain it all, right? Shark week is upon us again, of course it has decided to fall right on one of my favorite holidays of the year, Halloween. I am quite realistically playing the exorcist in my real life right now, not of my own volition. Shark week has descended upon me like an unwelcome guest and I am trying my best to not hurt anyone but it’s getting harder and harder when I am faced with outlandish ignorance at almost every turn. Shark week will not be denied. Try as I may to resist the allure of Shark Week, it’s getting hard with what I have been faced with in the last couple of days.

The Shark Week Cometh

While I am in the throes of Shark week, I have been running like a maniac to organize the world’s greatest Halloween party because I am a total Type -A over-achieving  room mother freak. Yes, I totally brought this upon myself only if YOU are a Type -A, like me, you know that it’s near impossible for a control freak to relinquish enough control to delegate. I do. I delegate but then I go a little stir crazy waiting for people to do what they say they will do. I have learned over the years to let things go but it still makes me a little tense add to that the fact that last week happened to be one of those weeks when little mean girls decided to hurt my little girls (Yes, plural both of my girls were hurt by mean girls last week).

Speaking of crazy little girls and their crazy mothers, one of the mean girls by association , invited my daughter to her birthday party. I hadn’t RSVPd because my kid starts rehearsals for the Nutcracker and we hadn’t found out the date. Let’s just say we’ve got a shiton of things on our plate and making it to a 7 year old mean girls birthday party is not a priority, especially not on shark week. I received a call from the kids mother to check if we were coming. Let’s get this straight now, I CAN READ. If I have not RSVPd and I knew the date of RSVP then you should assume to count us out because if we are big enough assholes not to respond then who wants us at your mean girl by association party anyway, right? Just me?

Anyways, Mean Girl by Association Mom calls me not once, but twice to check if we were coming. I ask what the little girl would like and the Mom’s response , “Well, She loves Justin Bieber so anything Justin Bieber would be great. She is crazy for him. He’s so cute.” I am scratching my head because,as you may already know, I think kids should be kids. She’s turning 7 not 13 so there should really be no boy crazy hormones that are responsible for her underage case of raging Bieber Fever. My girls are still into princesses and Barbies. I’m not allowing any Justin Bieber posters, dolls, musical toothbrushes, or “Future Mrs.Bieber” teddy bears in my house. Not only am I not allowing it, I am discouraging it. If it’s about the music that’s one thing but to be , at 7, thinking “He’s so cute” WTF? Not appropriate. I guess whatever, it’s not my kid but this is part of the problem with our kids today. Aside from dressing them all like tiny hookers, they make it almost impossible for them to be children because they are shoving pubescence down their throats from about the age of three.

The View from Shark Week

Speaking of shoving pubescence down your throat and dressing little girls like hookers, have you seen the costumes they make for little girls of the “tween” age and more disturbingly for kids of the “Tween size”? My daughter is only 6 but she wears a 8-10 in a costume because she is so tall. I fear the costumes available in her size for her next year are more like something a tiny little stripper might wear on theme night at the Hustler Club than a Halloween costume for a child! Does anyone need teen pregnancy explained any further? Really, because I’m pretty sure that I know what’s going on…we are shoving sex down our children’s throats at every turn. Are we such a sexualized  society that we can’t even see that we are doing something wrong anymore?Have we crossed the line so far that we actually find a sexualized 11 year old as acceptable?

Obviously, I don’t live in a vacuum and I know there are different strokes for different folks but I find it increasingly irritating that people complain about the state of the world; childhood obesity, over sexualized teens, global warming, the state of the economy and so much more but these are all things that we can fix, if we are willing to take responsibility for what we are doing. We are not some helpless victims of circumstances we are willing participants in the hell in a hand-basket mentality that we collectively share. I don’t think shark week is making me particularly bitchy,I just think that shark week is allowing me to see a little more clearly the cracks in the foundation. What are your thoughts on Bieber Fever for the barely in school age and Hootchie Halloween costumes for the barely pubescent? Happy Halloween and Happy Shark Week.

Hell Hath No Fury Like  Woman on Shark Week

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Jennifer 2011/10/31 - 1:21 pm

I don’t think seven is too old to find boys cute. I was chasing boys in the playground when I was in first grade and thinking they were cute. My daughter is doing the same thing. Now the mom thinking Justin Beiber is cute and encouraging the infatuation seems a little weird to me.

I’ve made my distaste for Halloween costumes loud and clear in the past. Now I find out what my daughter wants to be and then I go online and find some costumes that I think are appropriate and let her pick from those.

Truthful Mommy 2011/10/31 - 4:00 pm

I think the bad taste in my mouth comes from the fact that I have known many a mom who has thought it was cute to call a school mate in preschool or kindergarten their daughter’s boyfriend. It bothers me for two reasons, 1) they are , in fact, encouraging an infatuation but also the belief that women measure their worth by having a mate 2) I truly think that 4,5,6,7,8 is too young to be noticing boys. They have the rest of their lives to be involved with men, why not enjoy their childhood without worrying about the opposite sex. My 6 year olds best friend is a boy and he has been for the past 2 years, if they are 16 and were to become attracted to one another ok but at this age, I don’t think attraction should play a part in the relationship. By no means would I EVER encourage her to LIKE boys at this age. But as every child is different,so is every parent and this is what works for my family.

As for the Halloween costumes, they pretty much disgust me that they make costumes that show off little girls bodies. I will regulate what they are wearing for costumes as long as they are children. I;m the parent so it’s my responsibility to keep them safe and appropriate. I think you have the right idea by searching them out and then allowing them to chose from a select few. Good parenting:)

Jenni Chiu 2011/10/31 - 2:34 pm

The people that make those little hooker costumes for 6 year olds should all be eaten by sharks.

Kalley C 2011/10/31 - 7:58 pm

I must be a total grinch for Halloween, because I really can’t stand the holiday. The costumes they make for girls are way to slutty, an you’re right, they show of way to much of their bodies.

I know I’m going to have to deal with this as my daughter gets older, but I really don’t like trick or treating either. I mean, if she wants all the candy so she can get sick later, I’m sure I can buy that for her, please don’t make me knock on some stranger’s door asking for candy that I have at home.

I know, total grinch, and I’m not even on shark week yet.

Tracy@TheComfortZone 2011/10/31 - 11:15 pm

I know two moms who are “planning a nice, fall wedding, wink wink” for their 4 year olds . Yep. They are four. And the moms just go on and on about how cute they are together. Meanwhile, we tell the teacher to not let my daughter say she has a boyfriend, that it isn’t cute and they can’t pretend to be married. And the tween costumes? Seriously. Some of the ones is size 6 were iffy. Happy Shark Week! (Or should I say Beware Shark Week?!)

Tracy@TheComfortZone 2011/10/31 - 11:17 pm

And Happy Halloween 🙂

Bruna 2011/11/02 - 6:18 pm

I am disgusted by the Halloween costumes myself and am appalled that parents even buy them for their children.

My daughter just bought a Geisha Dragon princess costume from Walmart and I MADE her wear long sleeves underneath and black tights with the dress because it was so short. She was then covered from neck to toes and more appropriately dressed. Sheesh!

As for the mean girls Mother who said “anything Justin Beiber”, I would purposefully buy something NOT that. If I wouldn’t buy it for my kid, I’m not buying it for another child. That’s where I stand, Mama!


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