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How To Upgrade Your Christmas This Year

by Deborah Cruz

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

Ah, Christmas! It’s the time of year when we all do the same old things we do every year, from the start of the season to the end. Those traditions might be comforting, and they might be fun, but wouldn’t it be nice to do something a little different? Not everything, of course – changing all your traditions all at once doesn’t make sense and wouldn’t make for a particularly happy Christmas – but just a few tweaks here and there to really upgrade your Christmas might be perfect. If that sounds like a good idea, here are some things you could consider. 

Personalized Decorations 

Why not make your Christmas a little more personal and upgrade it that way? Instead of buying your decorations from the same stores as everyone else (resulting in a house that’s decorated in the same way as everyone else), you could personalize them more and even make some (or all) of them yourself. 

You can get the whole family together for a fun evening where you make weird and wonderful decorations out of whatever you can find around the house – you might even choose to turn it into a competition! This is something that’s not only a lot of fun, but you can do it every year, and the results will always be different. Or what about looking around for some classes? At this time of year, you’re sure to find wreath-making classes or classes that teach you how to trim a tree in the right way, and they can be a lot of fun too. 

Revamp Your Christmas Menu

Turkey, potatoes, veggies, stuffing, Christmas pudding, cranberry sauce… if that’s what you’re planning to serve up this year, we’re not being psychic – it’s just that that’s what most people will choose to dish up, and although it could be the tastiest thing you make all year, it’s still not very exciting because it’s exactly what everyone’s going to expect. 

Why not add some twists to these traditional menu items and make them more exciting and different? Your Christmas dinner will definitely be remembered, and you’ll find you have people asking for more and clearing every plate (always a bonus!). 

Take a look online, and you’ll find there are lots of variations on the standard Christmas lunch or dinner menu, including vegetarian options or trying out different main meats because turkey isn’t everyone’s favorite thing to eat – why else would we only have it at this time of year? Or what about organizing a potluck-style of dinner? Every guest can bring their favorite part of the meal, cooked exactly how they like it, and you’ll have a lot less work to do, so it’s perfect any way you look at it. 

Some people even book a restaurant and go out for Christmas dinner. It’s not going to  be the right thing for everyone, but it could make a nice change just once. 

Dress For The Occasion 

What do you normally wear at Christmas? If it’s your usual casual clothes or even your pajamas, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that, but if you’re looking for ways to upgrade your Christmas this year, dressing a little more formally and with clothes that are made just for the season, like those from Hometown Heritage Clothing could be a great option. 

When you dress up and take your time to choose the perfect outfit for the occasion – even if the occasion is you being at home with your family for Christmas – then you’ll feel great when you put your new outfit on, and you’ll be confident and happy all day long. Make sure everyone gets the memo about the dress code as well, and when you look back at your photos of the big day, you’ll love how it all turned out, with everyone looking super stylish. 

Boost Your Gift-Giving Game

Maybe you’re quite happy with how your food and clothes and decorations are going to be, and you don’t want to mess with any of that. Okay, but what about your gifts? Do you really like sitting around in a circle watching everyone open their things, and then that’s it, all over and done with? 

If you want to boost your gift-giving (or rather gift-opening) game, why not make it more fun? You could organize a Secret Santa with a twist where everyone has to answer riddles to find out where their gift is or who got it for them, for example. Or what about setting up a DIY gift-wrapping station with all the things everyone needs and inviting people over earlier to wrap their gifts together? 

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