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10 Ingenious Ways to Remember to Move the Elf on the Shelf

Holiday Shenanigans: 10 Ingenious Ways to Remember to Move the Elf on the Shelf!

by Deborah Cruz

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Elf on the Shelf — those pint-sized North Pole spies who lurk around every corner and keep tabs on who’s been naughty or nice. As parents, keeping up with the nightly adventures of these mischievous little Santa’s henchmen can be a challenge worthy of Santa’s workshop. Fear not! Here are 10 ingenious ways to remember to move the Elf on the Shelf and

10 Ingenious Ways to Remember to Move the Elf on the Shelf

1. The Sticky Note Sleigh Ride

Cover your fridge with sticky notes, each suggesting a new escapade for the elf. It’s like a daily dose of elfin inspiration every time you reach for the milk. But maybe do it in code, if the kids are old enough to read. 

2. The Elf Command Center

Set up a “Command Center” in your kitchen with a tiny computer, a mini mug of cocoa, and a sign that reads, “Elf HQ.” Your kids will believe the elf is planning nightly escapades from this North Pole nerve center.

3. Texts from the Elf

Get your kids excited with daily texts from the elf. Use a free texting app and send messages like, “Guess where I’ll be hiding tonight?” or “Ready for some North Pole magic?” This will get them excited its the perfect way to remember to move the elf on the shelf.

4. Elf in the Freezer

Ever heard of a frozen elf? Place your elf in the freezer overnight, and tell the kids he’s chilling to combat the North Pole heat. A frosty surprise awaits them in the morning! Hell, if you need to, leave him there for a couple days. 

5. Elfie Selfies

Arm your elf with a mini camera and create a tiny photo album of his nightly adventures. Your kids will love flipping through Elfie’s scrapbook each morning.

6. Elf Express Mail

“Mail” tiny letters from the elf to your kids, recounting his nightly adventures. This mini post office ensures the magic keeps flowing, one letter at a time.

7. Elf Elevator

Create a makeshift elf elevator using a small basket and some twine. Your kids will wonder how the elf managed to travel between floors!

8. Elf on a Shelf BFF

Introduce a mini plush toy as your elf’s BFF. Your kids will be curious about the new arrival, and you can take turns moving both characters around.

9. Elf Trail Mix

Create a trail mix with tiny elf-sized treats like cereal, raisins, and mini marshmallows. Sprinkle the mix in a creative path leading to the elf’s new hiding spot.

10. Elf’s Got Talent

Set up a mini stage complete with a judging panel of tiny toys. Your kids will wake up to discover their elf showing off hidden talents each night.

With these ways to remember to move the elf on the shelf, you are sure to not forget. Remember, the key to a successful Elf on the Shelf escapade is creativity and consistency. With these ingenious ideas up your festive sleeves, you’ll turn the nightly ritual into a family tradition filled with giggles and wide-eyed wonder and also, remind yourself to help relocate those  Let the elfin magic continue!

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