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Elf on a shelf

10 Ingenious Ways to Remember to Move the Elf on the Shelf

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Elf on the Shelf — those pint-sized North Pole spies who lurk around every corner and keep tabs on who’s been naughty or nice. As parents, keeping up with the nightly adventures of these mischievous little Santa’s henchmen can be a challenge worthy of Santa’s workshop. Fear not! Here are 10 ingenious ways to remember to move the Elf on the Shelf and

10 Ingenious Ways to Remember to Move the Elf on the Shelf

1. The Sticky Note Sleigh Ride

Cover your fridge with sticky notes, each suggesting a new escapade for the elf. It’s like a daily dose of elfin inspiration every time you reach for the milk. But maybe do it in code, if the kids are old enough to read. 

2. The Elf Command Center

Set up a “Command Center” in your kitchen with a tiny computer, a mini mug of cocoa, and a sign that reads, “Elf HQ.” Your kids will believe the elf is planning nightly escapades from this North Pole nerve center.

3. Texts from the Elf

Get your kids excited with daily texts from the elf. Use a free texting app and send messages like, “Guess where I’ll be hiding tonight?” or “Ready for some North Pole magic?” This will get them excited its the perfect way to remember to move the elf on the shelf.

4. Elf in the Freezer

Ever heard of a frozen elf? Place your elf in the freezer overnight, and tell the kids he’s chilling to combat the North Pole heat. A frosty surprise awaits them in the morning! Hell, if you need to, leave him there for a couple days. 

5. Elfie Selfies

Arm your elf with a mini camera and create a tiny photo album of his nightly adventures. Your kids will love flipping through Elfie’s scrapbook each morning.

6. Elf Express Mail

“Mail” tiny letters from the elf to your kids, recounting his nightly adventures. This mini post office ensures the magic keeps flowing, one letter at a time.

7. Elf Elevator

Create a makeshift elf elevator using a small basket and some twine. Your kids will wonder how the elf managed to travel between floors!

8. Elf on a Shelf BFF

Introduce a mini plush toy as your elf’s BFF. Your kids will be curious about the new arrival, and you can take turns moving both characters around.

9. Elf Trail Mix

Create a trail mix with tiny elf-sized treats like cereal, raisins, and mini marshmallows. Sprinkle the mix in a creative path leading to the elf’s new hiding spot.

10. Elf’s Got Talent

Set up a mini stage complete with a judging panel of tiny toys. Your kids will wake up to discover their elf showing off hidden talents each night.

With these ways to remember to move the elf on the shelf, you are sure to not forget. Remember, the key to a successful Elf on the Shelf escapade is creativity and consistency. With these ingenious ideas up your festive sleeves, you’ll turn the nightly ritual into a family tradition filled with giggles and wide-eyed wonder and also, remind yourself to help relocate those  Let the elfin magic continue!

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elf on a shelf, elf, Christmas, holiday traditions

Our elf on the shelf elves have once again arrived. Well, three out of the five have arrived. Currently, we have Ed, Analee (because someone who shall remain nameless forgot to remove the nametag…. I’m talking to you Grandma) and Rick Astly ( that bastard’s never gonna give you up! Can you say Single white Elf Male?) We are still missing Herbie Hancock and Rick (i) James (bitch!)

So you’re probably thinking that maybe I have some sort of nasty little elf on the shelf fetish or way too much time on my hands, I assure you that it is neither of those. Well, maybe I do have a little extra time on my hands seeing as I was just downsized from one of my 12 jobs. Damn, what ever will I do with all of that free time the last week of every month? But I digress, we have so many elves because when the girls were small we were moving a lot and the elves got packed away in storage lost on their way back from the North Pole! So every year, we had to replace the lost elf. Look, my mommy brain is not what it once was and I forget shit…like where elves went into the witness protection place the year before or sometimes even the night before.

elf on a shelf, elf, Christmas, holiday traditions


Our elf on the shelf problem started with Analee.

He came in a beautiful gift box with a letter from the man in the red suit because he knew the girls were having a horrible year leaving their friends and everything they knew and moving across the country. Analee came to give love and moral support.

The next year, Analee “lost” his way to our house because we had moved back to Indiana so “Santa” sent another elf, Ed (this is what happens when Daddy names the elves) to entertain the girls while their daddy was living in Iowa for work. They only saw the Big Guy once a week and we assured them that the elf could check in on daddy each night before he went back to the North Pole and reported to Santa.  Then one day, Analee found us and just showed up on the Christmas tree like a damn serial killer stalking his prey and then the two became Santa’s henchmen because we don’t tell our girls about the boogie man.

The following year, we had moved in with our in-laws because 2 years apart was too much for all of us. Unfortunately, we had forgotten our two little buddies they couldn’t find us because we had moved yet again. Enter, Herbie Hancock (he likes to rock down to electric avenue) coolest elf ever. He even has a naughty and nice placard to let the girls know where they stand.  But by this time, Bella was 6 and Gabi was suspicious of that damn placard, “Mommy, why does he look like a stuffed animal?” (Because we spare our children the damn traditional scary elf on the shelf) “Because Santa doesn’t want children to be afraid” Near miss. This kid is on to us. I just know it.

elf on a shelf, elf, elf on the shelf, Christmas


Then last year, we moved into our house and it was the mass exodus of elves. They descended upon our house like locusts. Analee, Ed, Herbie Hancock, and then Rick Astly ( what a mischievous little guy he is. You never know what you’re going to wake up to.) He looks like the traditional elf on the shelf, I’m trying to throw the 5-year-old off the scent. Then she demanded to know why no one arrived in the official Santa box and you guessed it, Rick(i) James showed up a couple days later in the box from the North Pole with an official  letter addressed to the girls.

So the winter of my discontent 2012 was the year of the elves (that were very mischevious). The mischievousness rubbed off on the girls and so we had to tell them about Santa’s “special” cameras that are installed in the fire alarms throughout the house. Elves were popping up in toilets and refrigerators, backpacks and boxes of cereal or not moving at all or being chewed up by crazed puppies.Kids were dancing naked in front of the fire alarms mooning Santa and blaming shit on their sister. I was still stumbling across rogue elves covered in cob webs in April.

This year we have 5 elves, 3 have arrived, 2 will be here any day I am sure of it. Oh and Gabs is back on board, since finding out that a classmate of hers had a pocket elf who has gotten elderly and now in his wheelchair talks openly to the child. No longer hiding his secret. What an imagination and guess what she prayed for that night? Her very own pocket elf, but not “an old one in a wheelchair” a regular one. Now, we have another elf to remember to displace. As of yet, he is still nameless and harmless ( no baby Jesus stealing or conga lining with the 3 kings…yet) I’m think we name him Too Short or maybe Prince Napoleon.

elf on a shelf, elf, Christmas, holiday traditionsSo to all of you who say that elf on the shelf is stupid, I say to you…stick to your guns. Our elves have played a wonderful part in comforting my girls when they were small and our lives were upside down and we all missed the Big Guy but now, the elves are running amuck and I keep forgetting where they are at night and one keeps stealing baby Jesus and eating all the Fat Boys and Mentos in the house.

I know it’s nonsense and has absolutely nothing to do with why we celebrate Christmas but I also know that my girls love their elves and look forward to their magical appearance every year. It is magic and I am not taking that away from them.

What’s your most creative idea for elf on the shelf shenanigans?


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