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Throat Punch Thursday ~ Baby Lisa Disappeared into Thin Air Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday~Baby LIsa DIsappeared into thin airBaby Lisa

Baby Lisa Irwin~ Not going to lie, I am a little emotionally spent after yesterday’s coming out of the diagnosis closet post but this Throat Punch had to be issued. It’s been a long time coming. Baby Lisa Irwin is the 10 month old baby from Kansas City who mysteriously disappeared into thin air during the night of October 3, 2011 while her mother, Deborah Bradley, fell into a drunken slumber. I really don’t know what to think. If the parents had nothing to do with this, my heart breaks for them. But my gut, my gut tells me that Baby Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin know something. As I’ve always believed that JonBenet Ramsey’s parents know what happened to JonBenet, and  Casey Anthony knows what happened to little Caylee, something tells me that either one or both of little baby Lisa Irwin’s parents know what has happened to her. I’ve never known of a baby this young to go missing on their own. It is practically unfeasible. It’s not like she packed a bag and took off on her own. Somebody came into that house and took that child out of there. But who would take Baby Lisa? And more sinister, why? What for?


Baby Lisa Missing

This has been the tragic headline for the last 3 weeks.  Little by little more information continues to come out. Seems the media teeters between sympathy and accusation, leaning towards accusation. Here are a few speculative scenarios that I have come up with:

  • Deborah Bradley was so intoxicated that she dropped, hurt, or let baby Lisa fall off of a table, bust her head or Deborah accidentally delivered a fatal blow. Maybe the baby was in the bed too and Deborah rolled over on top of her and smothered her.
  • Maybe Deborah was drunk and distracted and one of the boys accidentally hurt baby Lisa and hid the fact. Maybe Deborah covered for them. Maybe Jeremy Irwin came home and found the scene and had to protect what was left of his family.
  • Maybe Jeremy Irwin stole the child. (He’s never really crying when we see him on TV). Maybe the child is somewhere safe and when this is all over he is leaving Deborah Bradley and rejoining with his baby girl on some far off city in Switzerland.
  • Maybe Jeremy Irwin has a lover and she has the baby and is hiding out in their love nest, awaiting his arrival.
  • Maybe it was just a tragic accident and everyone made a gross misjudgement and burned the baby in the dumpster, buried her in the yard, under the floorboards, side of the road..who knows.
  • A complete stranger broke into the Irwin home and stole the baby, who just happened to be the only family member on that side of the house. Does anyone else find it odd that the baby would be the person furthest in the house from the mom?
  • Perhaps, someone the family knew came into the house and took the baby.
  • Maybe they sold the baby and are having a little sellers remorse?
  • Maybe Baby Lisa was abducted by aliens?

This is all speculation, but what is not speculation is that Baby Lisa is missing for almost a month and somebody knows what happened and I am not buying the intruder came in and stole the baby story. If the parents had nothing to do with it, I am so sorry for what they are going through but I feel like they know something, even if they had nothing to do with what actually happened to the little girl. I keep seeing clips of Deborah Bradley overcome with emotion when talking about her child, but this could be genuine overwhelmed emotion at the situation of her child being missing or it could be an overwhelming sense of guilt. No matter the reason, one thing still remains true about Baby Lisa is gone.

This weeks Throat Punch goes to parents who should have done everything possible to enable the search, a Kansas City police force that should have acted faster and with more force to solve this crime within the first 48 hours, and for anyone or anything who would remove a baby from it’s home in the dead of the night, lose a baby, get completely drunk with no other responsible adult in the home to tend to the babies needs and to anyone who thinks that these parents don’t know something more than they are telling. I hope baby Lisa is found alive and well and this is a hoax, but I fear that the scenario will end more like that of poor little Caylee Anthony.

Baby Lisa is Missing


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