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Autumn ~ When Pumpkin Attack

by Deborah Cruz

Pumpkin ~You know that Autumn has arrived when the sky above the pumpkin patch lingers and soaks up all the colors of the leaves, fields and pumpkins below holding the color like a mother cradling her child, smiling upon the world for all to bask in her radiant glow. Autumn has arrived officially at the pumpkin patch. Pumpkins can be harvested through the utilization of tractors. Those tractors must be at their peak condition. If not, it probably needs some fixing or some new parts which may be found from the number one source for compact tractor parts and foreign tractor parts.

Pumpkin, autumn, sky, fall, October, pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Sky

Friday, we took our girls to the pumpkin patch. We’ve just recently relocated here, so this is the first of many traditions that we are forced to replace in our new surroundings. This is, by far, one of those holiday season traditions that our family most eagerly awaits every year. Expectations were high. Luckily, the Indian summer did not disappoint. As we arrived at the pumpkin patch, we were greeted by an autumn sky that illuminated the entire patch as if it were saying putting a spotlight on all of nature’s gifts; the grass so green, an amber sky and an array of warm colors on the trees. Enjoy and bask in all the pulchritudinous that the world has to offer you. With the sun shining on my face and my daughter’s smile beaming in my direction, I was thankful. Life was good.

Pumpkin, autumn, sky, fall, October, pumpkin patch

Seriously, isn’t this kid the cutest?

My girls were so excited to be at the pumpkin patch; to be together. We took a hay ride, the girls took a barrel train ride as it started to sprinkle but they didn’t care, they claimed queen of the mountain as they took the straw hill. There were cut out boards where I photographed the girls giggling as they pretended to be the farmer and his wife and the infectious laughter that exuded from within when they pretended to be the farmer and his cow was contagious. In those moments, my soul was full. The girls fawned over the animals at the petting zoo; a Shetland pony with a crooked grin, a donkey who stunk to high heaven but wanted nothing more than to have my sweet girl’s attention, a goat with a tangled horn, the wooliest sheep that I’ve ever seen and a couple of kid face licking cow. The girls were in pure heaven.

Innocuous Pumpkin, you say?

Pumpkin, autumn, sky, fall, October, pumpkin patch

Then we headed out to the pumpkin patch. The Big Guy and I told the girls that they could pick any pumpkin they wanted. They choose, he carves, I carry pumpkins to and from and remove pumpkin guts, as they are too squeamish to do so. I’m only appropriated the most glamorous jobs of the household. Unfortunately, herein lies the problem. Between paparazzi duties and carrying one of the great pumpkins, let’s just call him the Greatest Pumpkin because he weighed a solid 30 pounds if he weighed ten, I did some damage to my person. That’s right, I fought that pumpkin all the way to the car and he attacked me. This is why this post may not make a lot of sense, as my back went out and I am heavily medicated to be able to walk upright.

They say most crimes are perpetrated by someone close to you; someone you know and trust. Well, Great pumpkin, sir, you are no gentleman. I have been accosted by your rotundness, afflicted by your obesity and damaged by your girth. Happiest of holiday seasons to you and yours. Beware those jolly, happy bright orange vegetables, their looks are deceiving. What is your family’s favorite holiday tradition? Do you do the pumpkin patch?

Pumpkin, autumn, sky, fall, October, pumpkin patch

The Great Pumpkin

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JW Moxie 2011/10/18 - 12:58 pm

I saw on Twitter that you’d thrown your back out, but I didn’t know that it was because Mr. Pumpkin was an asshole. You had the last word though, right, because you got to gut it. Karma, Mr. Pumpkin. It’s a bitch if you are.

My family’s favorite holiday tradition is the Christmas Eve talent show. When WE were the kids, we’d have to do some type of talent – spoken word, a stupid dance, stupid human tricks – whatever. Now that we have kids, they’re mostly the ones who provide the entertainment. Last year my daughters and their friend did an assortment of Michael Jackson songs (complete with choreography). My sons and nephew did a bit of ninja fighting. Good times.

The best part of it is when unsuspecting guests drop in for a visit. We hold them hostage until they’ve done an impromptu talent, too. It’s like of like in “Adventures in Babysitting” – “Nobody gets outta here without sangin’ the blues.”

We’re gangsta like that.

Leighann 2011/10/23 - 11:37 am

These pictures are so great!
I just went and bought four pumpkins that we may or may NOT carve.
My daughter is only 18 months so she would be upset if we don’t

Truthful Mommy 2011/10/24 - 9:10 am

Awww, this is our tradition. We have taken them both every year since they were less than a year. We pick pumpkins, do the corn mazes, play in the jump houses, drink hot chocolate and take a hay ride. It;s loads of fun. We let the girls choose the pumpkins and we carve them, well, my husband does. I mostly take out guts and clean up after them:)LOL


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