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All about that bass, Meghan Trainor, self-esteem, body issues, raising strong girls

Every Inch of You is Perfect from the Bottom to the Top

by Deborah Cruz

Today, I’m all about that Bass.

This just makes me smile. I needed this today. My gift to you from me! Just trying to embrace life as is. We should all be about that bass!

I want this to be the anthem of the next generation of girls. No photoshop. No plastic surgery. No impossible standards. Let’s teach our girls to love their bodies for what they are not hate them for what they are not. I’m a Latina and anyone who knows a Latinas knows two things, we are loud and we are curvy. Even when we are stick thin, we still have curves somewhere. It’s like our bodies don’t know any other way. Seriously, I had anorexia and I still had boobs and hips.

All about that bass, Meghan Trainor, self-esteem, body issues, raising strong girls

This song is getting put into our morning dance party rotation because really I want my daughters to know that there are beautiful amazing women to look up to who are NOT size 0. Who look like the women they see every day in their lives. I want them to see the beauty in everyone and more than anything, I want them to know that they are perfect from their bottom to their top. I want them to have the self-esteem and confidence that if someone ever comes into their lives that thinks they need to be more, they will have the confidence to say move along.

All about that bass, Meghan Trainor, self-esteem, body issues, raising strong girls

We spend our lives trying to look more attractive for the opposite sex, or do we? Because if you ask 99% of men, they will tell you that they love curves. Maybe they don’t necessarily want morbidly obese at first glance but men love something to hold onto. Why can’t we appreciate our own bodies as much as men do?

So next time you are ready to stab someone in the eye because you haven’t eaten solid food in 2 weeks, remember it’s all about that bass.

I am not saying that there are not naturally thin, gorgeous women out there. There are and that is awesome for them. I hope they love their bodies. I just think we should all love our bodies because hating our own bodies is hating ourselves and what kind of existence is that?

So are you embracing your body and all about that bass ( or the lack there of) or are you still battling to the death in search of unattainable perfection?

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