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4 Things You Should Pack for Any Summer Travel Plans

4 Things You Should Pack for Any Summer Travel

by Deborah Cruz

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Summer is the perfect time to explore the world around you while enjoying the good weather. Summer is my favorite time of year because it’s the time I get to satiate my wanderlust. With summer finally here, like me, you may be making travel plans. But for you to have the best summer vacation, you need to have the right things in your travel bags. Nope, I don’t mean all those extra outfits you packed in your checked bag that you’ll absolutely never wear. I’m talking about these 4 things you should pack for any summer travel plans. Of course, travel activities and destinations may vary, but as long as they are during any summer season, you should add the following four things to your packing list. 

4 Things You Should Pack For Any Summer Travel

Shoulder bag or handbag

You can’t go on any summer trip without a handbag or shoulder bag. A bag not only helps you look stylish and adds to your look, but it also keeps all your stuff safe while you go about your activities during your vacation. I would be lost without my KAVU bag at Disney World. The type of handbag or shoulder bag to choose really depends on your style and what the functionality of the bag will be. There are different bag types and collections like STAUD bags to choose from. But the most important thing is that it’s durable enough to withstand the rigors of your travel, spacious enough to hold your phones and gadgets, and stylish enough to keep you looking chic. 

Cool fabrics

You want to enjoy the summer sun, but you want to do so while staying as cool as possible. So, regardless of what clothes you pack for your summer trip, make sure that they come in fabrics that can keep you as cool as possible. The best are natural, breathable and cotton. Synthetic fabrics will have you sweating your brains off and absolutely miserable.Some of the best summer fabrics that can prevent needless heat include cotton, linen, polyester, rayon, denim (especially for pants or shorts), nylon, and silk, to mention a few. These fabrics will help you avoid sweat patches that aren’t only uncomfortable but may also lead to minor skin issues like heat rash and other forms of sweat irritation. This may be the most important of the 4 things you should pack for any summer travel plans.

Light natural makeup

Many people like to give their skin a break during summer. But if you still prefer to rock some makeup, then it’s best to pack light, natural makeup for your trip. The last thing you want to hide is your skin under heavy layers of makeup, as that will only trap heat. Light and natural makeup is the way to go during the hot season. So keep your heavy foundation, dark shadows, heavy-black eyeliners, and dark lipstick makeup kit at home. Instead, pack some tinted balms, tinted moisturizers, BB Creams, pretty natural eyeshadows, and any other thing that’ll lighten your makeup routine.

Sunscreen and dry shampoo

No matter where you’re heading this summer, protecting your skin health should be one of your priorities. A bottle of good sunscreen will keep those harmful sun rays away from your skin during the day, so keep this in mind. And if you’re headed to destinations with coral reefs, a zinc-based sunscreen is a must. You should also add a bottle of dry shampoo to your packing list if you’re planning to spend most of your vacation time during various outdoor activities. This way, you can give your skin a clean boost when a full shower is impossible. 

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