10 Things I Know To Be True About Motherhood

Today,  I welcome the famously Mom sexy, Mary of The Mommyologist.com. Mary inspires me with her positive attitude and her advocacy of the mom sexy movement. I visit her blog and she reminds me that I can still be sexy even if I am a Mommy and that as a mom, it’s OK to still want more for ourselves beyond loving and raising our children. Her blog is positive, relate-able and uplifting. If you are not already a follower of Mary, join the conversation and get your mom sexy back! Thank You Mary for sharing you Truths about Motherhood.

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10 Things I Know To Be True About Motherhood

1. Even when they come out of a pint-sized butt, farts are still farts, and they still stink. You can’t disguise a fart with a cute tush.
2. When it comes to being a mom? Karma’s a real bitch. I’m totally paying for every remark I made before having my son about parents not being able to control their children in public. I obviously didn’t know shit about kids then. And maybe I still don’t.
3. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I will not get a good night’s sleep for the next 15 years or so. Even on my “alone” nights, I still toss and turn wondering what kind of hell my kid is dishing out to the grandparents. But of course, he always sleeps perfect for them. It’s because they have better snacks at their house than I have here. I just know it.
4. Motherhood has made me understand 100% why people get divorced. The end.
5. As my child gets older, I start to fear homework from school more and more. Not because I’m worried that he will have too much of it, but because I’m worried that I won’t understand it. Isn’t there an Iphone app for homework help?
6. I realized one major truth about motherhood about two weeks after I brought my son home from the hospital. Apparently I’m not running the show around here anymore. I got fired from my job as Princess the day he was born. I’ve been trying to get my position back for the last five years, but they’ve got a new hiring manager and she’s totally threatened by my ass.
7. Kids generally don’t lie about food. When my kid tells me that he doesn’t want to try something because he doesn’t like the texture, it’s best just to let it slide rather than having that particular food regurgitated all over my shirt. I hate doing laundry, so I’d rather just let him eat pretzels and call it a night.
8. I knew I loved wine before I had a kid. But now our love affair is hotter than ever. Having a kid totally sealed the deal for my affection for all things vino.
9. Even though I’m the queen of Mom Sexy, I know for a fact that I will never be as hot as I was on my wedding day. And I’m okay with that. At least I’m not hungry anymore, right?
10. Perhaps my biggest truth about motherhood is that even though being a parent is challenging and not always picture perfect, it’s made me who I am today…and I know that being my son’s mom is who I was meant to be. Even when nothing else in my life makes sense, that little boy gives me the swift kick in the ass I need to realize that things have a way of working out how they’re supposed to. Trying to mess with fate is never a good idea. And that’s the TRUTH.

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Awesome! Love all 10. Especially the first one because man, I can so relate.

A Mommy in the City

Love these and love Mary! I think I love wine even more now that I am a mom too! And your last truth is just priceless!

I so wish I wasn’t one of those moms with a noisy child in public places.

All super truths, that’s fo sho. Especially the sleep thing. I’m perpetually tired.

I;m so tired of the perpetual cleaning and being in a state of exhaustion.There has to be a better way:) When I actually get a decent nights sleep, I’m like some little crack-headed energizer bunny.

This list is perfection!! Number 5 is the best – you don’t realize the havoc that is wreaked on your marriage until it’s too late!!

Couldn’t agree more on the food part, better a pretzel then food all over the clothing. Easier cleanup that way!

Bwaahahahaa! Loved all of these and love Mary!! She rocks it every time!

She tells it like it is!

Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

Je vous souhaite un bon mercredi

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