Sing. Dance. Laugh. Repeat!

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This post is sponsored by DreamWorks. All opinions about Trolls are my own.

Does your family have a designated “family fun night”? Friday is our happy, relax, “no homework and we get to sleep in the next morning,” get your happy on night. The only thing we need for a successful family night is for our family (with the occasional cameos of our favorite friends) to be together. We’re simple and it doesn’t take a lot to make us happy on Friday nights. Usually, footie pajamas, good food, a movie and some music are just what the occasion calls for. We are big fans of the spontaneous dance party. We have no shame in our family night game. Sing. Dance. Laugh. Repeat!

We usually like to keep the movie light and happy, something we can all enjoy without anyone ending up in mommy’s bed. We’ve been waiting for DreamWorks’ Trolls to come out on DVD and Blu-ray since we saw it in the theater. Trolls have had a special place in my heart since I was a child and the movie did not disappoint. It has a catchy soundtrack that’s so much fun to sing-a-long with. I should know because we’ve been singing along with it in the car for weeks. The characters in the film are vibrant and fun enough to keep even the most discerning little ones entertained and the themes are perfect for a family fun night; no Trolls left behind and family is everything. After all, being with the people we love really is where our happy place originates.

But the real key to a good “family fun night” – besides the movie of course – are the snacks. We don’t want anything too serious or labor-intensive, after all, it is Friday! At our house, once we’re all in our favorite jumper jammies, we like to put some music on and dance around while we wait for our pizza to arrive because everybody loves pizza. You know us, we’re cooler than a pack of peppermints.

Trolls, Dreamworks, movie night, Trolls party

Next, while we’re still dancing and usually by this time laughing our heads off at one another because some of us have moves and some of us…not so much, I like to throw together some snacks. Our favorites are a simple fruit tray and a veggie tray because not only are they good for you, they are easy to make and fun to dip. Also, since we are about to see a movie we need snacks like iced animal crackers, Cheez-its and popcorn. You would be astonished at how easy it is to assemble this small feast and how happy it makes all of us.

Trolls, Dreamworks, movie night, Trolls party

Once we’ve all got our bellies sufficiently filled, then we settle in with fuzzy blankets on the sectional and start the feature film. Depending on how long it takes the girls to get the table cleared off, there may or not be time for yet another family fun night spontaneous party. I must say this is infinitely more fun when your children’s friends are also spending the night. There is something special about 8-11-year-old girls on sugar that kicks family fun night up about 20 notches. Sing. Dance. Laugh. Repeat!

Trolls, Dreamworks, movie night, Trolls party

If you are looking for “family fun night” games, I suggest these, sure-to-make-everyone-in-the-house-happy activities. I promise everyone will be smiling, except for maybe the kid who gets a dog food jelly bean or the one who draws the ingredients blue popsicle and salami for her smoothie challenge, but even then our kids were smiling. 1) Bean boozled 2) the Smoothie Challenge 3) Pie in the face. And if you are looking for the perfect “family fun night” movie to watch, look no further.

Trolls, Dreamworks, movie night, Trolls party

DreamWorks’ Trolls Party Edition on Blu-ray and DVD, with the Party Mode bonus feature is available to own on Feb. 7th, DreamWorks’ Trolls Party Edition includes a never-before-seen sing-along, dance-along “Party Mode.” It’s packed with fun, colorful extras perfect for your family movie night!

Trolls, Dreamworks, movie night, Trolls party

Bonus, loads of your favorite actors/ actresses make an appearance in Troll form. Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, James Cordon, Zooey Deschanel and, my family’s favorite songstress, Gwen Stefani just to name a few. It’s like the perfect Carpool Karaoke cast. And did I mention some of the Trolls poop cupcakes and glitter. I mean, c’mon, what more can you want from a feel good family movie? Sing. Dance. Laugh. Repeat!

Trolls. Sing. Dance. Laugh. Repeat! The Perfect Trolls Party
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Trolls. Sing. Dance. Laugh. Repeat! The Perfect Trolls Party
Trolls Party Edition on Blu-ray and DVD, with Party Mode bonus feature, is perfect for a party just add these cute food ideas, games, kids and dancing. It's fun for the entire family. Just watch.
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That. Is. AWESOME! We loved the TROLLS movie, so I think something like this would be a wonderful idea. I have to make sure I get the party edition of TROLLS.

Yes, definitely make sure that you get the party feature. I am sure the kids will love it. The soundtrack is awesome!

The kids would love to have a Trolls party. We have a night set aside every weekend to do fun stuff and I’ll have to have a party for them soon.

Sounds like the perfect activity for the entire family!

Funny you should mention those Jelly Beans. I actually just bought a bag yesterday on whim! I am saving them for my husband as a surprise LOLOLOLOL

Oh they are so gross. I can’t believe the kids love them so much. I think they just love grossing each other out. I was gagging watching.

I want to set a movie night for the kids. I will have to get a copy of the Trolls movie on the 7th and surprise them.

Hope you all got the movie and enjoyed it. It was so much fun.

Friday nights also mean family fun nights for us. We have not seen the Trolls. The girls would love this, for sure.

I know they would. My girls LOVE it.

It sounds like you indeed have a great family night activities, food, and movie. I love the idea of playing games before you watch the movie. Trolls is a movie I would love to see with my niece’s kids. Thanks for sharing the fun family Troll Party.

It was a lot of fun. The girls are not tiny toddlers any more so they can do more things and watch a variety of movies but they love watching animated films and we love watching them with them. Gotta keep them little as long as we can 😉

My family went to see this movie in theaters. We loved it too! It was such a great movie. I can’t wait for this to come out so I can buy it. I love that you had a Troll party too. My girls would love to have a party like that.

It was awesome and their friends had a great time too!

Looks like fun and I love the veggie/fruit tray snack selection. Looks like eveyone had fun!

Family time together with no distractions and having fun is SO IMPORTANT for bonding, love this post! Love the snacks and the movie choice : )

We haven’t seen the Trolls movie yet. That yogurt fruit plate looks great.

Oh, how fun! My daughter is anxious and can’t wait to see the movie. Looks like the party turned out well! Thanks for sharing!

My kids really wanted to see Trolls again! We can’t wait for the release of cd. This is a great party idea!

We love the movie Trolls!! We went and saw it twice while it was in theaters and then again when it went to the dollar theater! This movie is so cute.

This is soooo awesome! Love your snacks and how fun the party was! We haven’t seen Trolls! We need to check it out!

Can’t wait to let the toddlers check this out, it looks like it’s right up their alley.

I’m a single lady but I love “kids” movies! I can’t wait to see Trolls!

I love Marzetti’s dip. I didn’t know they came in travel size cups like that. I will be on the look for them. – yolonda

I always can’t wait friday has come, Friday was our family night and movie night, My kids would love to watch this movie.

We love our family movie nights too, but we haven’t seen this movie yet. I think it’s a great movie for the whole family to watch. We’ll check this out!

Can’t wait to see this movie.. My kids and I always go to the drive in twice a month!

What a fun party! We’re definitely going to head out and pick up the Trolls movie for a family movie night soon!

Need help!! I bought the party edition for my kids but can not find the Party mode. How do I access the Party Mode?

SAME HERE!!! I have gone through every feature I can on the Blu-Ray Disc (which is where the insert claims the Party Mode Features are) and I cannot find this one! I have Google searched high and low and can’t find any instructions on how to get the DVD into Party Mode. Help! I would have really loved to access this feature on the 21 hour drove to our new home. Would’ve been nice!

Okay, I got it – but I don’t know how. I have gone to the Top Menu and pressed Play a dozen times (my kids have this movie memorized by now) but all of a sudden, because I finally asked for help, when I clicked Play it FINALLY gave me a choice to start the movie in Party Mode, Sing A Long mode, or Regular Mode. I assure you I’ve pressed this Play button dozens of times previously with no luck. I’ve no idea why it worked this or how to do it again…

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