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Today’s Be a Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 9~ Pay Attention to the little things

by Deborah Cruz

Yesterday’s Be A Better Me (you) Challenge-Day 8 ~ Get Yourself a Life
was easy for me. I blog; I write and it is pursuing my passion . It gives me something outside of my marriage and children to do for myself. It is something that I do solely for my own pleasure. It also can hopefully evolve into something more; just with the community I have built, the events that I am privy to attend, the conferences etc. it does in effect give me a life..outside just parenting and my wifely duties.What did you do to get a life?

Today’s Be a Better Me (You) Challenge -Day 9~ Pay Attention to the little things
No, I am not referring to your children. I am referring to any little thing that might be bothering you. Maybe its chipped nail polish, a hairy mole, a hairy lip, unshaven legs, a stray eyebrow hair ,pants that are a little too snug, anything that is causing you to unduly stress. Normally, I say don’t sweat the small things but in the case of yourself I say if it is bugging you enough to stress out then address it immediately. Take a few minutes and make yourself feel better. For example, I am cursed with Latina hairy monkey syndrome ( along with Mexican flat bootie disease) now, I can’t do much ..other than an ass load of lunges for my flat bootie but I can, however,do something about the hairy legs and little ‘pedro’ growing on my top lip. What I mean is sometimes I get so caught up in Mommy mode that I actually don’t allow myself the time to wax the lip, even if it is driving me totally insane.It’s such a small thing, it takes 5 minutes to do ( of course you know sometimes those 5 minutes are worth more than gold and you are sure there is something that you ought to be doing to benefit your kids). I’m here to tell you that you need to do it! If a hairy lip./chipped polish/unkempt hair/no makeup/stray eyebrow hair is diminishing the quality of your life, making you miserable knowing its there; making you feel less than beautiful and confident. Don’t you think its worth it to get rid of it? I promise, your whole entire outlook on life will change. It sounds so vain, I know. But how can we be our best if we don’t feel our best? What’s the pebble in your shoe that’s making you feel less than your very best?
So, my challenge to you is to find that one burr in your saddle and remedy it directly. Please link up your post.

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Robin 2010/09/09 - 4:52 pm

You are absolutely right. So many little things that bug us are quick fixes and we still don't do them. Right now, I really need to shave my legs. I tell myself, "Who cares? No one is going to see them." But, I know that I really need to shave my legs. And I always feel so much better after the deed is done!

The Blue Zoo 2010/09/09 - 6:02 pm

Ha! Its so funny you mentioned that! Cause my hairy lip has been bugging me for like a month, and I keep putting it off!!

No more! Im gonna make sure I get to it this week.

Shell 2010/09/09 - 9:05 pm

I needed this reminder. I wore jeans today b/c my legs were so gross. When did I shave last? I don't know. I'm shaving tonight!


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