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Throat Punch Thursday:Bullshit Blogger Edition

by Deborah Cruz
This week, I was all set to give the throat punch to Pastor Jerry Jones because lets face it, he is a douche bagger in a major way.Burning people’s Bibles, come on now. That is just not right. What’s next burning people at the stake?
But alas, in the last 24 hours, incredibly enough an even bigger douche bag, ass wipe has come to my attention.Oh yes, any blogger worth their salt knows of whom I am speaking. I don’t want to speak her name ( if she really even is a she) She  He It has lied about everything else. I am not totally sure they are who or what they say they are. God knows, not one of their posts have they written themselves. That’s right. They have stolen every one of the posts on their site and had the gall to back date them.This moron even copied the about and uncut pages. Can you believe this? I highly doubt the photos of the children on the blog are even hers. Or real, for that matter. It’s probably some weirdo, no life having, living in their mama’s basement sort of douche bag.
As bloggers,we all know how hard it is to build a community and maintain a blog.It’s a lot of work. It’s like raising a child. If you want it to grow and be strong and respected, you’ve got to put your blood, sweat, tears, heart and a whole lot of  elbow grease and time into it.That being said, it is a cardinal sin to steal someones content. That is stealing someones thoughts, experiences, feeling; their life, their talent, their passion. For that, you deserve a hell of a lot worse than my throat punch but that is all I have to give. I hate to do this but I feel its my duty to share the blog address so that you can all go check it out and see if this idiot has stolen your content. If they have, please report them to the appropriate people.I encourage all authors of original posts copied and pasted here, to fill out a copyright infringement claim at:


Here is the blog Outnumbered by Testosterone. I’m not sure what kind of racket this broad is running but she needs to be shut down.She’s like the single white female of the blogosphere and she needs to be locked up in a padded room , or at the very least locked out of the blogosphere. Yes, this weeks throat punch definitely goes to the crazy bitch that steals other people’s lives. Happy Mothering!

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Shell 2010/09/09 - 11:43 pm

She definitely deserves a throat punch!

addicted2shius 2010/09/09 - 11:52 pm

So glad you blogged about that guy. I didn't have time to do it today. But I will for sure tomorrow so be sure to check it out!

As for this blogger, I tried to check some of it out. How did you even find out that this person was hijacking other people's stuff?

Casey 2010/09/10 - 1:37 am

She deserves more than just a throat punch, I can't believe what she is doing. I have had it done to me years ago and it is sad. My hearts goes out to the hard working mommy's who actually wrote those posts.

Speaking of the other douche bag, I wrote about him on my blog yesterday. What a dirt bag


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