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Paterno,scandal, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, Second Mile

Throat Punch Thursday~ Sandusky the Pedo & the Moral Negligence of Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday~Throat Punch Thursday~ Joe Paterno, Penn State, football, Jerry Sandusky, Graham Spanier, Tim Curly, child abuse, sexual abuse, The Second Mile

Throat Punch Thursday Paterno Style

Joe Paterno ~ What the f*ck is going on over at Penn State? Since when did Penn State college football become more important than a defensive coordinator sexually abusing underprivileged children? When did our society become so nonchalant and tolerant of abuse of any kind towards a child? Childhood is to be magically lived, not survived. I am perfectly aware of the facts of the case, I know that Jerry Sandusky was the actual perverted pedophile who got his rocks off sodomizing the very boys that he was supposed to be helping but everyone who knew about it and turned a blind eye  didn’t beat him with a bat didn’t report it to the police so that they could continue on with winning seasons are equally as guilty. Had the legendary Joe Paterno did more than just reporting it to a higher up maybe it would have stopped. Joe Paterno could have saved every one of Sandusky’s victims since then from ever being abused. Coach Paterno knew what Jerry Sandusky was doing was criminal. If he saw that all Sandusky got was a slap on the wrist, he should have went to the authorities but he didn’t because he didn’t give a shit. It wasn’t his problem. It wasn’t his child. It didn’t effect him in anyway, apparently not even his conscience. He was winning and being glorified and, after all, that is all that matters. Who gives a sh*t about a bunch of underprivileged kids anyways, right?

On November 4, 2011, Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly indicted Sandusky on 40 (WTF?) counts of sex crimes against young boys, following a three-year investigation into allegations that he had inappropriate contact with a 15-year-old boy over the course of four years, beginning when the boy was ten years old. The boy’s parents reported the incident to police in 2009. (What took so long? Did they need to let him abuse someone else?Why is this animal even walking around free around children?)[fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][6] A Pennsylvania statewide investigating grand jury identified eight boys singled out for sexual advances or sexual assaults by Sandusky from 1994 through 2009.[7][8] At least 20 of the incidents allegedly took place while Sandusky was still employed by Penn State.[9] The mother of one of the alleged victims said that Sandusky personally admitted to inappropriately touching her son while showering with him on campus in 1998. ( Maybe he wanted to be stopped. Maybe that is why he let himself be caught but no one at Penn State cared enough about the children to report him.) However, Ray Gricar, Attorney General of Centre County at that time, declined to press charges.(Why?I need further explanation! I demand it.) [10]

Sandusky was arrested on November 5 and charged with seven counts of involuntary ( involuntary? What did his dick just assault those little boys and he had no control of his member? Was it an accidental sodomization? Are we calling it a slip and trip in the shower now?) deviate sexual intercourse. Two Penn State administrators were charged with perjury and failure to report suspected child abuse by Sandusky. Senior vice president for finance and business Gary Schultz, who oversaw the Penn State police department, and Tim Curley, the athletic director, were found to be not credible by the grand jury.[12][13]

Despite the history no criminal charges were brought against Sandusky until after an investigation initiated in the Spring of 2008 when the mother of one of the boys (identified in court papers as “Victim 1”) reported the abuse during his freshman year at Central Mountain High School in Clinton County, Pennsylvania. According to court papers Sandusky had been having a relationship with Victim 1 since 2005 or 2006 when the boy was 11 or 12 and the relationship involved “inappropriate touching.” Sandusky had met the boy through the Second Mile program. Sandusky retired from Second Mile in 2010.[14]

What Would Paterno Do?

According to the indictment, in 2002 Penn State graduate assistant Mike McQueary walked in on a ten-year-old boy (described in court papers as “Victim 2”) “being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky”[15] in the Lasch Football Building on the Penn State campus.[14] The next day, he reported the incident to Paterno, who informed Curley. Ultimately, the only action Curley and Schultz took was to order Sandusky not to bring any children from Second Mile to the football building—an action that was approved by school president Graham Spanier. The indictment accused Curley and Schultz of not only failing to tell the police, but falsely telling the grand jury that the graduate assistant never informed them of sexual activity. Since no formal police investigation was conducted at the time, the identity and exact age of Victim 2 is not known. The only formal law enforcement investigation began in December 2010 when McQueary testified before the Grand Jury.[14][2]

Although Penn State prohibited Sandusky from bringing boys onto the main campus in 2002, Sandusky was allowed to operate a summer camp under his name from 2002 to 2008 at a satellite campus near Erie where he had daily contact with boys from fourth grade to high school.[16]

Sandusky is currently free on $100,000 bail pending trial. He could face life in prison if convicted of the charges.[17] Curley and Schultz appeared in a Harrisburg courtroom on November 7, where a judge set bail at $75,000 and required them to surrender their passports.[18]

Paterno,scandal, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State, Second Mile

A Coach Paterno and his Pedophile, Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky founded the Second Mile with this mission:

Many children face adversity even before they understand how to dream. The Second Mile, founded in 1977 in State College, Pennsylvania, is a statewide non-profit organization for children who need additional support and who would benefit from positive human contact. The Second Mile plans, organizes, and offers activities and programs for children – and adults who work with them – to promote self-confidence as well as physical, academic, and personal success.

When Sandusky founded Second Mile was it with the intent to lure children there under the guise of “promoting self-confidence as well as physical, academic and personal success”? Was Sandusky sodomizing young boys in the shower the positive contact with which they were referring to as beneficial? Why didn’t Mike McQueary forcibly remove Jerry Sandusky from anally raping this small child instead he walked in, “OOPS, didn’t see the sock on the door bro” style and just as quickly ran out. He should have beat the hell out of Sandusky and rescued that terrified boy from the showers. Was the additional support, Paterno passing the information that Mike McQueary told him he had caught Sandusky in the act of anally raping a child in the showers off to Curly? Was support Curly and Schultz, armed with the fact that Sandusky was caught forcibly sodomizing a child, telling Graham Spanier so that he could do nothing more than tell Sandusky that he could not bring the Second Mile kids to the showers at Penn State? Everyone passed it along, no one did anything as helpless unsuspecting children stood shivering in the showers at Penn State as the monsters attacked. Basically, who cares if Jerry Sandusky is abusing children…just don’t do it on our property and soil our good football name! Was the support the Second Mile kids received Spanier approving the action taken by Curly and Schultz but doing nothing further? Why were the authorities not called? Shouldn’t this man, Jerry Sandusky, have been strung up by his balls and beaten like a pinata by his victims? At the very least, he should have been sent to prison in 2002 when he was first caught! To add insult to injury, after his slap on the wrist of not being allowed to use the showers at Penn State to conduct his abuse, he was still allowed to operate a summer camp on one of Penn State’s satellite campuses.

Who knows how many victims there have been over the years since 1977? How many little boys lives have been ruined in the showers at Penn State? An actual investigation was not started until 2008. That is 31 years of unabashed abuse that Sandusky was dispensing to trusting, unsuspecting children who had placed their faith and respect in him to be a mentor, someone to help better their situation. Why did parents not come forth sooner? Better yet, why didn’t the parents of these boys lynch this pedophile child raping bastard? So many people let this go on for so long. The line of culpability is practically wrapped around the entire campus.

The students and alumni are protesting and up in arms that the legendary coach Joe Paterno has been fired and that it will tarnish their football program. What about the children of the past 33 years who have been abused? What about those of the past 9 years who Paterno himself could have directly have saved from the abuse? All this legendary douche canoe had to do was call the fucking police. ONE phone call and he could have stopped this all.  The students and alumni should be up in arms that they have been idolizing a man who is a coward and accomplice to a pedophile. The people of Penn State that are supporting Paterno are supporting the belief that it’s OK to abuse a child. That football is more important than our future. That children are disposable and unimportant. They should look in the mirror, they were not children so long ago. Some may have children of their own. They may even know one of the Penn State Good Ole Boys’ victims.  I say moral negligence is a crime and in and of itself. Paterno may not have sodomized anyone in the shower but he is culpable for is sin of omission and for not screaming fire in a crowded Penn State. Joe Paterno could have saved so many victims but Paterno chose to ignore what Sandusky was doing. You can’t tell me that Paterno thought that a fitting punishment for sodomizing a little boy in the shower was to take away Sandusky’s shower privileges at Penn States main campus? Maybe if the crime was peeing in the shower it would fit the bill. But for raping children, the punishment to fit the crime would be more in the realm of castration by butter knife.

Mike McQueary you get my Throat Punch for not beating the ever loving shit out of Jerry Sandusky when you seen him anally raping that poor little boy. Curly and Schultz, you had the proof to save children from this fate and you turned a blind eye in the name of your football program and Graham Spanier, you are the biggest piece of shit of all. YOU were the final word and your word was to let loose a monster on the children of the Second Mile for 9 years with no regard for their safety and innocence. Joe Paterno you had such power and moral obligation to protect these boys of the Second Mile but football meant more to you than the consequence of what would happen to those boys in the showers at Penn State. You should have done more. You could have done more. Joe Paterno, YOU chose not too.

Paterno You Could Have Stopped this


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Mommy2¢ 2011/11/10 - 2:21 pm

This makes me effin ill. How in the hell, in this day and age, can something like this fly under the radar for so long?? If I were the mother of one of those poor boys that sickie wouldn’t even make it to court! Lord have mercy on the soul of anyone who would ever lay a finger on one of my children in that way! And as for Paterno… at the very least I hope to God that mans career as a big shot college football coach comes to an abrupt end and he’s blackballed from EVER working in that industry again! !

Christine 2011/11/10 - 5:38 pm

I echo every sentiment you wrote about Paterno. But what about McQuery? After reading the full grand jury indictment https://www.whokilledbetsy.org/pennstate-grandjury.pdf – he deserves a whole lot worse than a throat punch!

What kind of man walks in on another adult man forcibly raping a child and WALKS AWAY?!! Walks away? I don’t care who he called or who he told in the coming days — he witnessed The RAPE OF A CHILD. WTF has our world come to that anyone, anywhere could see something so heinous and just walk back out like they had accidentally interrupted their roommate mid-coitus? And he said he was embarrassed and ashamed of what he saw? The only thing he had to be embarrassed and ashamed of was not forcibly removing Sandusky (maybe beating the crap out of him in the process) and rescuing that child.

Sexual abuse is too soft a term, even if it is more PC. Call it exactly what it is – the forcible anal rape of a small child. Every person who reads anything about this story should have the mental image of a terrified, ashamed, and naked YOUNG boy shivering in a shower while some pathetic excuse for a human being rapes him. If you can swallow that image and say you’d walk away and “report” the crime to your boss instead of physically stopping the rapist, you are morally (if not legally) responsible for that rape and every other rape or assault that followed.

Every child deserves to be protected. Every child that has been abused: physically, mentally or sexually has prayed, PRAYED that someone would come along and save them. McQuery was that someone who came along, and just as quickly walked away.

Tracy@TheComfortZone 2011/11/11 - 4:08 pm

I agree with what you wrote. Why did he walk away? Why didn’t he save that little boy?

Briana 2011/11/11 - 7:26 pm

I don’t get how mcQueary could just walk out. I agree…most reasonable people if they saw that happening would have STOPPED it right then and there.

Derek 2011/11/14 - 8:19 am

Sadly, this is not the first time that something like this has happened at PSU, and been covered up.

My website, Who Killed Betsy, details my own three-year search for answers in the 1969 Betsy Aardsma murder, in the Pattee Library core stacks.

After three years of research, I uncovered the most likely suspect, a man who was known to bring young boys to the library, and who would later be occused of being a pedophile and tried in Lancaster County.

This man had been suspected by his professors in the Aardsma murder, but they reported it to the University Attorney and…Nothing happened.

Throat Punch Thursday ~Miley Cyrus:Don 2011/11/23 - 6:21 pm

[…] to women everywhere. Men don’t want girls who are shaped like little boys, unless they are Jerry Sandusky…then […]


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