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Throat Punch Thursday;Bring it on , You Skanky Bitch edition

by Deborah Cruz

We’ve been traveling and out of sorts but we are back and we’re bringing the Throat Punch with us! This week’s throat punch goes to the nameless trash bag of a PREGNANT Mother who I spied puffing away on a cancer stick as my children and I walked out of the zoo on Tuesday. I really am not for Mommies smoking in general because I just feel like most who do it, end up at one time or another smoking around their children ( i.e. rolled up windows in a small car) and exposing them to carcinogens. But in the end, that is that Mommies issue to deal with. Her cross to bear if you will. I would never do it. I was never a “smoker” but I have smoked in the past, as a drunken college student ( haven’t we all?). But after I had kids, my whole perspective changed and I can’t even stand the smell. If grown ups want to do it, it’s their business. But when children, any child is unwillingly exposed, it eats at my soul. It seriously makes me crazy. It’s a personal issue for me because my own Mom smoked when she was pregnant with me  ( apparently that was way back in prehistoric times before Moms knew any better and it was “cool” to smoke, turn your teeth yellow and smell really bad…or so that’s what my Mom has told me.) No , I am not bitter…well, maybe I am a little. I was 2 months early and was somewhere around 4 lbs. so yeah, I think it affected me. So, when I see a Mom smoking it annoys me but when I see a PREGNANT Mother-to-be smoking while the baby is still in utero, well, I think that is a crime. I think she should be arrested. I think it is my civic duty to snatch that cigarette out of her mouth, stomp it out, and maybe even slap the tar out of her. I know, its opinionated but that’s how strongly I feel against smoking while pregnant. I wasn’t afforded the luxury of confronting this woman because I was with my children and on a play date. I don’t think my friend, the other Mother, would have appreciated my flavor of crazy that I wanted to unleash on this mentally challenged Mother-to-be…let’s just call her a mental midget,(challenged seems to be giving her too much credit). This weeks theoretical Throat punch goes to the stupid ass , trash bag Mom in the bright lime green t-shirt in front of my zoo smoking her cancer stick by all the children. I would really have liked to have issued the throat punch in real life but its against my better judgment to throat punch a pregnant woman, even if she doesn’t care about the health of her own baby. Someone has to look out for that baby. Hey DCFS, I have a real winner for you. Just look for the puff of smoke and the bright lime green t-shirt!

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1 comment

Wendi 2010/08/21 - 12:35 pm

Throat punch Thursday?!? Love it.


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