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Be a Better Parent Challenge – Day 20 – Keep a journal

by Deborah Cruz

Yesterday’s Be a Better Parent Challenge – Day 19 – Let the other parent parent
I did try it. It was really the wrong day to try it because it was Bella’s first day of kindergarten and , remember my control freak nature, well, that makes it hard to let go when your whole world is spiraling out of control. I did let the Big Guy parent. At the school, I had to maintain some control and he helped me to do that by supporting that craziness. But he decided to buy Bella a first day of school Our Generation doll as a surprise that looks just like her and is even wearing a uniform that matches her ( did I mention the Big Guy is an awesome gift getter). I let him plan the rest of the day and help take some control. It was very difficult for me, since I am used to be in control all the time while he is out of town. But I tried my hardest, baby steps. How did you do?

Today’s Be a Better Parent Challenge – Day 20 – Keep a journal
First realize this does not mean your blog. Wish it were that easy. Think of it more like a food diary, its not just witty and anecdotal it is “REAL”. You gotta record the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth if it is going to be on any use to you.Just like our diets, no cheating or it wont work!

I’m talking about a notebook , an email address, a word document or even voice memos where you keep (or send) the daily happenings in your experience as a parent. What works? What doesn’t? How can you take those experiences and learn from them the next day? This is great for reference. I mean, remember the whole labor amnesia normal women have? I don’t! Wish I did, but no.One word; UNFORGETTABLE! I did however write it down, in the hospital after Bella was born. Know why? Because I was afraid the “amnesia” would render me senseless. It didn’t and apparently, I am senseless all on my own because I did it again.

We’re taught to learn from our mistakes, and evaluate our own behavior and performance, at least when it comes to jobs anyway, so why should parenting be any different? We’re certainly not born experts at this, and even more challenging is that once we seem to master something, our kids grow and change, which seems to push us right back to the novice side of things. So,why not help ourselves out with #2? Brilliant right? Give it a try.

So #20: Keep a Parenting Journal
It doesn’t have to be pretty or neat, and you don’t even have to write in full sentences. But write down the key happenings so that you can read back later on and hopefully better inform your parenting.

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