Throat Punch Thursday~ Gun Wielding Rageaholic Edition

Throat Punch Thursday,Korda Bailey This week’s Throat Punch Thursday goes to the still at large Georgia asshole in DeKalb county who pulled up behind a Mom,Tammitha Williams, who was driving a minivan with her four children inside. The family was stopped at a red light, when the light turned green and Tammitha didn’t pull forward immediately because she was probably doling out sippy cup, changing DVDs, or perhaps Heimliching someone from choking on Cheerios the driver behind her became impatient and honked his horn.

In turn, annoyed and busy, she honked back.Little did she know what the ramifications of this act of reciprocity would evolve into. Immediately thereafter, the driver of the car behind her began to tailgate her and then gunfire erupted, ending with a stray bullet hitting her four- year- old, Korda Bailey in the rear. That gives a whole new meaning to busting a cap in someone’s ass, don’t you agree?

Korda was treated and released from the hospital but the gun wielding rageaholic is still at large. Attention, all Mommy’s in minivans please keep in mind that while you are doing all that you can to survive the ride to kindergarten drop off  while your twin teenage girls simultaneously tell you how stupid you are while smacking their gum and texting their friends as the newborn wails with colic and exhaustion, the crazy behind you may be having a bad day with a side of firearms. Safe travels my friends.

This week’s Throat Punch most deservedly goes to the asshole who shoots at minivans full of children and busts a cap in little kids asses. You, my still at large rageaholic, deserve to have your ass beaten like the horn honking sonofabitch that you are. Hey dumb ass, don’t you know that honking horns wake sleeping babies? I think perhaps Mama should have jumped out of her minivan and took a Louisville slugger to your head.


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Great. Right before I head to ATL to visit some family & friends…

I agree with the Louisville Slugger comment…

Be careful,my fRiend and make sure that you have your Louisville slugger in the passenger seat:) People are crazy!,

Now that’s messed up!!!

I completely realize how insane some people(and drivers) are when I turned onto a road and got in front of someone who was clearly in(sane) and in a rush.

He followed me all the way to my destination at a convenience store…and then got out of his car and ripped me a new one in front on my 6 yo old dd. It was dark but there were people around and I was like “Let it go buddy! It was an accident!” over and over. Eventually he walked away but I was completely shaken up and tried to keep it together in front of my daughter…but WTF!?!?!

That kinda scares the he’ll outta me,especIally when we have our kids in the car with us. thank God you were able to alleviate the situation.You did awesome.Beware,.,,,, danger lurks:)

Holy Shit. I almost spit my coffee out at the cap in your ass part! You need to put up a warning or something.
People are nuts. My friend honked at someone on the highway and they started following her. We no longer honk at anyone – which is hard to do in Houston.

Sorry about The loss of coffee:) wouldn’t want you to bust a cap in my ass:)
So this article has me a little scared straight but I’m not sure I can stop honking or flipping people off (giving people ‘the claw’s my girls say), I learned to drive in Chicago. I had to honk and flip just to pass the driving exam:) lol But I’m going to try my best.Just say no to road rage folks!

What a stupid asshole. WHO DOES THAT? I hope the little kid was ok.

Jess@Straight Talk

What an asshole! I hadn’t seen this story. honestly, people scare me and I always drive with the mindset that some freak is driving near me. I never try to antagonize anyone. ESPECIALLY when my Ave is in the car.

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