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dress code for parents, dress code, parents

Throat Punch Thursday ~ Dress code; No PJs for YOU Edition

by Deborah Cruz


Throat Punch Thursday~Dress Code for Parents at drop off, dress codes, parents, craziness

Dress code for parents at Drop Off ~ My daughter goes to private elementary school and I love her school. It keeps the focus on academics and spirituality and that is super cool because that is why I’m spending my life savings getting my girls the education and environment that I feel is most conducive to them being good, intelligent, respectable people in the world. Basically, I spend all of my hard earned money so that your world can be filled with great people. I can put up with all the SCRIP and SCRAP, festivals and the plethora of volunteering duties. Hell, I’ll even run the damn Fall carnival , room mother both my girls and rule the entire HASA but damn it, nobody better tell me what I can or can’t wear to drop off my children at school. Seriously, dress code for parents? Isn’t that a violation of one of my amendments? It’s not like I’m going to jump out of the car in my footed duckie jams and dance a jig using jazz hands while screaming “Superstar”. I just want to be able to not have a fashion crisis before 8 am every morning. As long as I’m not showing up naked  or mostly naked, where as I am accosting the children, leave me be.

I don’t judge you, don’t give me a dress code.

dress code for parents, dress code, parents

Dress Code for Parents, I don’t think so

Apparently, there is an elementary school somewhere in the world where they have implemented a dress code for parents when dropping off and picking up their children. Parents must conform to the same rigorous dress code guidelines as their children. So what? Now, they want me to wear a flipping uniform to pick up my kids? Heil Hitler? What are they the effing dress code Nazis? I’m not one of those moms who drives all over town in her pajama pants, rollers and dirty t-shirt that the baby spat up on last night. But I am most definitely holding my own in sweat pant purgatory. Hey, I’m not proud of my lack of unleashing my inner fashionista but damn it I have two kids to get ready,feed, dress, lug to the opposite side of town and at two separate schools, not to mention, I actually do go directly to the personal trainers on most days. Hey, at least I’m not pulling up in a minivan and that’s something. I am dressed appropriately for my morning. Hell yes, I wear yoga pants and sweat shirts most days, especially in the morning. I am abiding by what I assume is pretty much standard dress code for parents everywhere.Well, except for that one bitch who must get up at 5 am to wiggle into those damn skinny jeans and high heels. MILF my ass, she’s making the rest of us look bad because of her daddy issues. I’m pretty sure these would be her pajamas. In that case, I agree no lingerie for drop off  because all the dad’s would be ass ending one another (No that’s not a euphemism).

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throat punch thursday~Dress code;No PJs for YOU edition, dress code, moms, school,education, elementary school

This I could see as inappropriate at drop off.I'm pretty sure she'd make all the Dads wreck and possibly kill Sister Mary.

Thank God and Mary too, that our school has had the good sense to not implement any such craziness. I think for what I pay in tuition, I should be able to wear whatever I want to drop my kids off as long as they are clean, well coiffed and dressed appropriately. I don’t think my stint in sweat pant purgatory should have any bearing on my kids’ education. I am pretty sure that my yoga pants are not so offensive as to cause my children’s brain cells to actually spontaneously combust the moment their eyes fall in my general direction. I could be wrong but, since this is my blog, I  say hell no to the dress code and throat punch to any school who tries to dictate what parents are allowed to wear.

throat punch thursday~Dress code;No PJs for YOU edition, dress code, moms, school,education, elementary school

Dress code for parents;violation of my inalienable rights!


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lceel 2011/10/20 - 10:52 pm

Uniform, schmooniform. No photographer ANYWHERE wants to see a Hasselblad in midair headed for certain disaster.

A Mommy in the City 2011/10/20 - 11:26 pm

This is craziness to me. How they can enforce these types of things on parents?! I agree a parent shouldn’t wear anything inappropriate, but sweat pants and a t-shirt is fine! School districts need to focus on their lack of education rather than what parents are wearing. Or better yet, if they want to focus on parents, focus on the ones that don’t give a damn about their kids education.

Truthful Mommy 2011/10/24 - 9:15 am

Amen, Lauren! You know.You were a teacher. What a parent wears to drop off is so not important.

MommyMatter 2011/10/21 - 9:11 am

We had an event recently at my children’s school with a parent wearing shirts with offensive sayings on it. First I was shocked that a PARENT would be caught dead wearing a shirt that says “Donations Accepted, Give Head”, but was even more shocked that said parent got in shit for doing so.

I live right across the street from where my children attend school, and I am one of those parents that looks like a haggard old hag in the mornings. By the time I get a coffee into me, lunches made (since I have to be so particular with what I put in their lunches as there are a lot of food allergies within the classes) get both the morning monsters dressed, beds made, teeth brushed, hair done, the last thing I worry about is how I look. If the school was to pull me in about my attire, I think I would snap. I know not to come looking like a hoochie mama, or wearing shirts that I wouldn’t want my children wearing, but I am not walking a damn run way so the likelihood of me having brushed hair, makeup and not yoga pants is slim to none. I go in the afternoon dressed but mornings, ya not happening.

Truthful Mommy 2011/10/24 - 9:14 am

That is a pretty shocking shirt to wear to school. My girls go to catholic school, so that parent would have been bent over a knee with a ruler to his rear:)LOL
I agree, as long as its not obscene then I don;t see why it’s anyone elses business what I wear to drop my kids off at school in.

Carri 2011/10/23 - 11:59 pm

Who cares what the parents are wearing? Do they even get out of the car? Probably not. Most of us are running around like crazy people in the morning and don’t have time to get dolled up for the drop off line! Geez.

Truthful Mommy 2011/10/24 - 9:08 am

Exactly, besides are they going to buy us new wardrobes and hire a stylist to come get us ready every morning?WTF?


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