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The Great Debate; Does playing in a chlorinated pool, in fact, constitute a bath?

by Deborah Cruz

If you would have asked me a mere 3 years ago when we hired fibreglass pool installers to put our pool if the daily splash in it made by would substitute for a nightly bath, I would have answered a resounding “HELL NO!” Followed by, “That is disgusting! Mom’s who do that are lazy and gross!”
Fast forward to a second child, a raging case of Mommy brain that sometimes feels like a slight case of sun-downers and I’d say, “Maybe?” “It’s better than nothing, right?” “Chlorine is in bleach and bleach is a cleaning agent,ergo the girls are sorta clean, right?”

First, let me start by admitting, I know that it’s gross! Also, let me say that I know this is no substitute for a bath. But sometimes, on those long tiring days of summer,when all time, space and reality is out of whack…it is what it is! Before, I would have reacted like a mad woman, yelling and screeching while overtired, wanting to be playing outside ( damn you long days) children fought the bath like a cat about to be drowned. Oh but I would have won the battle, probably much weaker from the wear. But I am a bigger woman these days, I’d much rather just admit defeat and own up to the fact that some night, like tonight..I wasn’t sure what day I last gave the girls an actual bath. I’m pretty sure it was Saturday Morning before our road trip,so they are due but it will have to wait until tomorrow morning before our next road trip. You didn’t think I was going to take them to my in laws dirty, did you? Geez, what am I some kind of “bad” Mother? Don’t judge me and don’t tell me that your kids have never substituted a day in the pool for a 20 minute splash in the bathtub! That being said, obviously a splash in any organicΒ  body of water is not acceptable. My rule is if fish, or anything else, procreate , defecate, masturbate and urinate in it…it doesn’t count as a substitute. That would be why public pools do not count! EWWW!
What are your thoughts? Have your kiddies ever missed a bath or , ahem, two during swimsuit season? I’m not perfect, but I fight the good fight! Happy Mothering!

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Resisting Perfection 2010/07/12 - 10:00 pm

Well, we have a salt water pool and our 2 year old has had that as a substitute bath on occassion. But, we obviously give her a bath sometime the next day πŸ˜‰

I'm just the MOM 2010/07/12 - 10:03 pm

For starters, I have that exact pool. secondly, hubs and I have had this conversation before. So i can admit, without shame, that i've used pool time as "bath time." I mean hell its clean water, right? the germs are theirs like if they were in a small itty bitty bathtub. I mean its not something I do ALL the time. And I would never take them to a public pool and then not give them a bath after. Its our pool, our germs, whatever πŸ™‚

couture unraveled 2010/07/12 - 10:08 pm

Wellll…add a few more kids and your lucky if they SEE the bathtub all summer long!!!Lol! I have 5 summer kissed(by kissed i mean dirty) kids ages 9 and under…catch my drift?! A little dirt never hurt noone…right?! πŸ˜‰

couture unraveled 2010/07/12 - 10:11 pm

ooh…maybe I should add this too…with 5 kids…they don't see the public pool…heck…I rarely take them all out in public at the same time!! If they swim…it's in a private pool…but mostly…it's the hose! LOL!

Nikki 2010/07/12 - 10:18 pm

You are way too fricken funny about the fish and masterbating and procreating!! That definitely made me laugh. And no there is nothing wrong with you for doing a "pool bath". It's not like you are doing it all the time and it's water isn't it…water makes things clean…and bleach disinfects. What more could you ask for on those sun downer days??!!!
Have fun on your road trip!!

Donda 2010/07/12 - 10:19 pm

Of course kids can skip baths…it's not like they are day laborers in the cotton fields!

One Savvy Mom! 2010/07/12 - 11:54 pm

Ha!Nearly p'd on myself with the fish & procreating! Yes, in my book (on ocassion), pool + water = bath on a hot summer day……. my back yard, my water (same water I fill the tub with?!) it's clean, they come out cleaner than they were before they went in it πŸ™‚
~~Wondering out loud ~~
Now what would my neighbor's do if I whipped out the shampoo in the back yard? I just may have to give that a try before the summer's over πŸ˜‰ Just to see their reactions…I kid…..
Have a great road trip πŸ™‚

MommyLovesStilettos 2010/07/13 - 10:50 am

I've done it! I'm guilty πŸ™‚

parenting ad absurdum 2010/07/13 - 12:10 pm

As far as I'm concerned, getting caught in the rain without an umbrella counts as a bath…

Chasity @ The Intertwined Life 2010/07/13 - 5:24 pm

HA. Love this "fish rule" … we have a pool (salt water) and I still let that count as a bath at times during the summer … for the teenagers. All is good πŸ™‚

Truthful Mommy 2010/07/13 - 4:33 pm

Thanks ladies for all the support and deflecting some of the Mommy guilt.
May all of our children spend their summer enjoying ther childhood and being spectacularly adn blissfully "summer kissed!"
Happy Mothering!


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