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Terry England, Georgia, COmparing women to pigs and cows

Terry England ~ Women’s Reproductive Rights are Not the Same as Pigs

by Deborah Cruz

Terry England, Georgia, COmparing women to pigs and cows

Terry England; You, Sir, are no friend of the female race.I read Lawmaker Compares Women to Farm Animals To Defend His Abortion Stance on the Curvy Girl Guide last week. This post was the straw that broke the camels pig’s back for the women’s rights issue, for me. What the hell is going on in our country?

Terry England,You are a Beast

This is the jist of the post:

On March 5th, on the Georgia House floor, State Representative, Terry England, commented on a bill that would require women to carry stillborn fetuses to term or until the time their bodies “pass” the fetus on their own. What this means is, if your baby dies inside of you, however far along in development, it would be illegal to have any type of medical procedure (such as a D&C) to remove the contents of your uterus.

In effect, Terry England is saying, Hey lady, you got pregnant. Not my fault you are inept at carrying your baby to term. NOT.MY.PROBLEM. Deal with it! When God says it’s time to pass, it will naturally. If you die? Well, you are only a woman after all.

Terry England Compares women to Pigs

Oh but it gets worse, so much worse….

In a debate over Georgia House Bill 954, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks even if the baby is not expected to live, England recalled the time he had spent with livestock.

“Life gives us many experiences,” he explained. “I’ve had the experience of delivering calves, dead and alive — delivering pigs, dead and alive. … It breaks our hearts to see those animals not make it.” – Raw Story, David Edwards

Did you hear that? My fucking head just exploded!He thinks he’s an obstetrician because he’s delivered livestock. He just compared an expectant human mother to a cow and a pig.

How is that the lawmakers, who are mostly men and have no vagina or uterus, can make these laws regarding women’s reproductive rights and birth control? They don’t know what it’s like to be suddenly faced with an unexpected pregnancy, or forced to consider an abortion due to a medical anomolie. Men have no idea what a transvaginal untrasound feels like to a woman and a man can never know what it feels like to carry a baby in your womb. A man can certainly NEVER understand the pain and mental anguish it is to lose a child and then be forced to carry your stillborn baby in your womb until it passes naturally.

Terry England the difference between women and livestock is that we are not put on this world solely to provide for a man. We are actually people too. We have thoughts and feelings. I am so disgusted with Terry England and so many other politicians who have made it their plight to suppress women’s rights. We are now going backwards. Women are being treated like property. We are being stripped of our fundamental right to the control over our own body. We are being invaded by man. What next, will they pass a law here in the United States that female born babies should just be drowned at birth?

I think the Terry England’s of the world are failing to realize that without any women, the species would die out. Man can not procreate alone.Though, I am sure there is some scientist under contract to one of these good old boy politicians working on just this type of thing, as we speak. I’m sure if some of these politicians had it their way, we women would be nothing more than glorified indentured servants with vaginas. Perhaps, they will take to putting us in shackles and cutting our tongues out so that we can’t speak?

Women of the world, we need to unite. This is your call to action. We need to fight back against this type of legislation; this type of world. This is not the world that I want to raise my daughters in. We need to change the direction that this country is going in regards to women’s rights. We need to get more women into government so we at least have a fair chance. What would Susan B. Anthony do? You can bet that she would be all up in legislation, fighting for your rights to reproduce…or not. She’d fight the Terry England’s of the world, tooth and nail.

What do you think of Terry England and his comparison of women to livestock?

terry england, women's rights, reproductive rights

Terry England, I would call you the pig but that’s a terrible insult to the animal

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Tracy@TheComfortZone 2012/03/26 - 1:26 pm

I’m no doctor or expert, just a little lady with a womb. But isn’t it a bit dangerous to carry a miscarried child inside the body? Aren’t there risks of infection? What if it was a 30 week fetus and the body didn’t begin labor for 4 weeks? She’s just supposed to go to work, pay the bills, cook supper and take care of her family knowing she will have a still birth? Really? I respect people who wish to protect life, but this does NOT appear to be an “abortion” issue. If the child is deceased it isn’t an abortion, right? Or does the medical definition of abortion include miscarriages? I would think that the DOCTORS of this state would rally at the capital to educate the politicians and try to PREVENT the health risks involved with this proposal. If they want to debate about abortion, they should debate about abortion, not about whether or not a woman shouldn’t have a choice with how to treat a deceased fetus. Seriously! This wouldn’t only deprive women of making a decision, it would also prevent doctors from guiding their patients to best possible outcome (regarding infections, etc.) And I won’t even begin about the comparisons to farm animal.

MiMi Dibble 2012/03/26 - 2:50 pm

He has his head up his ass!

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Sheila Brown 2012/04/25 - 6:49 am

As far as I know carrying a still born child in the womb is dangerous. It is not fair to think that about women. They are human beings too.

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