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Trayvon Martin, George ZImmerman, Racism, Bigotry

Throat Punch Thursday ~ Trayvon Martin & the Racist Vigilante Edition

by Deborah Cruz

Throat Punch Thursday,Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, Sanford Florida

Trayvon Martin this one’s for you

This week’s Throat Punch is being given out in honor of Trayvon Martin. As a mother, my heart aches for Trayvon Martin’s parents. As a human, I am outraged. As a minority, I am fighting mad. This week’s Throat Punch is awarded to George Zimmerman the vigilante bigot who thought it was appropriate to shoot a boy in cold blood for the simple fact that the color of his skin was brown. I know that bigots are afraid of anyone different, especially when the packaging is a darker shade or two than their own skin. This is not the first time this has happened nor do I suspect this will be the last.

Trayvon Martin, George ZImmerman, Racism, Bigotry

Trayvon Martin was a Good Kid

Trayvon Martin, from all accounts, was a good kid who happened to come across a not so good adult with a trigger happy finger. I can’t imagine the pain and anger that Trayvon Martin’s parents feel at the death of their son nor do I ever want to know it. Isn’t every parent’s biggest fear that their child is going to come into harms way? A rogue drunken driver, a stray bullet, a crazed assailant, cancer, abduction, stranger danger, choking on a raisin, getting hit by a car, wrecking while texting? There are so many ways that we worry about our children getting into harms way, every day.  We don’t expect simply walking home from the store to be a particularly dangerous scenario. Walking home from the store should not be deadly, should it?

What is this world coming to that we can tolerate this sort of behavior? How can we stomach it as a people? Zimmerman says that it was self- defense. Evidence proves otherwise. Just because he was a racist who felt threatened by the color of a boy’s skin is not a legitimate reason for shooting Trayvon Martin dead and robbing his parents of their son forever. There will never be any little Trayvon Martin’s running to his mother’s lap. She will not see her son graduate from school. She will not get to dance the Mother/ son dance at Trayvon’s wedding.  She will not get to see the man her son was supposed to become. She will never get to know that man. He will not be there in her old age to hold her hand and comfort her at the end. Now, his parents are left with a giant void in their chest where their heart used to be. The great joy they once knew upon seeing that baby Trayvon  Martin be born has been replaced by pain and hatred. Hatred for George Zimmerman.

Nothing can make this right. Apparently, the big debate now is whether or not  George Zimmerman used a racial slur when addressing Trayvon Martin. Truly, the fact remains, whether he used a slur or not, that he is a bigot and shot Trayvon Martin in cold blood for no other reason that he felt threatened. Zimmerman was threatened for the simple fact that he had a predisposed notion to feel afraid of black men. This is racism, whether there is a slur attached or not. The sentiment is the same. The result the same. Trayvon Martin is still dead.

Trayvon Martin may you Rest in Peace


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KalleyC 2012/03/23 - 10:27 am

Amen! Honestly, I hate the way this whole thing is being handled. Why didn’t the police arrest Zimmerman? He was the only one with a weapon, and he’s trying to say HE felt threatened? PLEASE.

The sad part now is that a grand jury is going to be reviewing it. So if a weak case is made, they are going to say they cannot press charges against Zimmerman; since what’s going on with the grand jury will be closed.

This whole thing is horrible since I heard about it. I pray for the family to get through this.

John C. 2012/03/24 - 12:59 pm

Why do people react so emotionally when they don’t have the facts? The media has distorted this event in a criminal manner. There are eye witnesses, the truth will come out.
It will be hard to hang on to all that ‘outrage’ when the facts are revealed.

I suspect Mr. Zimmerman will sue the networks and become a millionaire.

Thomas 2012/04/01 - 2:45 pm

Thay photo is outdated, and the facts are beginning to shift. Perhaps the only one who is being racist is you. Leave judgment upto the courts.

Mandi 2012/04/11 - 9:35 am

For you to declare this guy a racist without knowing all of the facts makes me question if you are the one who is actually being a little racist? The media did this case wrong. If George Zimmerman WAS trigger happy then he should go to jail. However, our nation is supposed to hold to “innocent until proven guilty”. You and the media seemed to get this wonderful right of America backwards. Let the investigation run it’s course. The truth will come out. Most of the people jumping to blame racial problems for this crime aren’t allowing the police to investigate before they make presumptions about this guy. Racism does exist and it’s a terrible problem in our country. However, not every crime happens because of racial issues. You should be more careful about provoking racial issues. Your picture is out of date and Trevyon was on the street that day because he was suspended for 10 days from his school. I’m not saying it was his fault, I’m only suggesting there is more to this case than what it seems. Before we (as in society) attack a guy for being a murdering racist, we should give the investigation time to get at the truth. Especially if our words, and writing, only cause more racial problems.

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