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Cast Fetish the Unexpected Side Effect of my Broken Leg

I’ve had an eventful week, I discovered what the term cast fetish means. Ever heard of it? Me neither until now. Last week I had my […]
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The Tale of the Leaky Eyed Ghost; Updates from the Couch

I’ve been experiencing some depression lately due to my broken leg. Really down, the kind where you look up and you see nothing but darkness. For […]
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Never Ask a Disabled Person If they’ll Return to Normal

It’s hard going from being an able-bodied person to a disabled person but my broken leg has taught me patience and to embrace living with a […]
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Bridesmaid Down, the Fall Heard Round the Internet

That One Time I Fell 6 inches, got a Broken Leg and Destroyed Life as I Know It Last weekend, I fell off of a curb. I […]