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Cast Fetish the Unexpected Side Effect of my Broken Leg

by Deborah Cruz

I’ve had an eventful week, I discovered what the term cast fetish means. Ever heard of it? Me neither until now.

Last week I had my 8-week follow up appointment with my orthopedic surgeon for my broken leg and the news was good. I was released to begin weight bearing. This week I’m up to half weight bearing. I’m not fully functional yet but I’m driving and it’s better than being stuck on the couch like I had been for the previous 8 weeks. 8 weeks is a lifetime when you are used to being on the go all the time. I felt like I was doing time or under house arrest.

When the doctor gave me the news that I could start walking with crutches, I was so excited. I nearly danced a happy dance until I realized that my leg might not be quite strong enough yet so instead I opted for a little wheelchair boogie. Oh yes, I did!

The thing is this has been a crazy, long eight weeks and if it weren’t for all the amazing people who have jumped in to support me and pick up the slack and just pray and cheer me up, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it. Granted I’m still going through it but I feel like I’m coming out the other side. I can put some weight on my foot. That means everything. I never knew how much until now.

This experience has forced me to slow down and take inventory of my life and my health. I have reprioritized because the things I was racing around and breaking my neck to get to just aren’t that important anymore.

I’ve also garnered a new respect for toddlers. No wonder it takes them so long to learn to walk. It’s scary, especially with the possibility of falling ever looming. The last time I fell, my entire life changed.

I started physical therapy with elastic resistance bands on my broken foot this week. I was super excited because, in my mind, the more I can do to get back to normal the better life will be. My doctor has warned me that there might be setbacks but, you know me, I always think I’m going to be the exception so I went for it. I was all in at Tuesday’s physical therapy session and by Tuesday night, I was nearly in tears because my leg is so sore. That’s what I get for showing off.

There’s been some swelling and stiffness the last couple of days. I have another therapy session in about 15 minutes. I won’t lie. I’m kind of terrified. I want to keep moving forward. I don’t want to keep getting slowed down by pain but I guess that’s all part of recovery.

Of course, through all of this, I’ve discovered a bizarre, even seedy, side to broken bones. Throughout the entire ordeal, I’ve been posting photos and updates of my broken leg to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts because as a blogger, this is what I do. It’s been a great source of moral support. However, recently, I have noticed a rash of likes on my Instagram photos of my broken leg. Huh? Then it happened.

My Instagram profile is public because it’s part of my brand but I go through and block anyone who I get the “heebie-jeebies” from because there are photos of my children on there. So imagine my shock when suddenly there were tons of likes on every one of the photos I posted of my broken leg and most of those were from men who I don’t know in real life.

I was curious so I checked out their pages and every single one of them are men with fetishes for women with broken legs and/or casts. It’s a real thing.

Cast fetish is a kind of fetishism with an erotic concentration on orthopedic casts (plaster, polymer, bandage, etc.) It is usually related to the fetishes of feet, stockings, shoes and amputees. The sufferers usually like the opposite gender wearing casts on their limbs, using crutches, or limping around. Sometimes, socks and stockings will increase the attraction of the afflicted. Basically, these fetishists prefer their partners physically broken and for maximum pleasure, missing limbs.

It’s called a cast fetish.

I’ve never felt so dirty in my entire life. I mean, WTF, the thought of some creepy troll wanking himself to my dislocated ankle is disturbing to say the least. Are these men sadist who get their rocks off from seeing a woman in pain?

Then I realized there is an entire subculture of men with this fetish. In fact, there is porn that actually specializes in this sort of injury. What? I guess it takes all kinds. I won’t judge but I also won’t allow you to file my agony in your spank bank for later use. Sorry, I’ll have to block you.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever heard or saw on social media?

Did you know there was such a thing as a broken leg or cast fetish?

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Dan 2017/04/30 - 7:22 pm

Hi Deborah,
Sorry for a late answer to your post, yet no earlier than as of 05/2017 i came across it and thought i may give an informed reply.
I am one of those “creepy guys” who – honestly – has a leg cast fetish. Feel free to judge me, nevertheless let me share our version of events you should be advised on. It is true that sight of bandages, orthopedic casts, braces (for some of us) is a turn on. However, this has little to do with injuries – the only thing in common is the reason of wearing the cast. I understand you consider us, by logical extension, attracted by real injuries. In fact, this is simply not true. It’s like if we were attracted by eyeglasses (spectacles) this would have meant we were aroused by vision impairment. No, it’s the “eyeglasses” – the casts we are into.
Moreover, regardless of your unpleasant experience, we are not BDSM, no sadists, etc. Quote: “Are these men sadist who get their rocks off from seeing a woman in pain?” Not at all, Deborah. We like casts just like other people like leather boots, spandex or high heels. Or body painting. When we see somebody in cast we are interested in cast, but sympathize and feel sorry for their illness. We would rather all cast would be for other reasons than medical… Btw, all the girls in the cast fetish sites do not fake injury.
All that being said, i agree that it’s unpleasant that while in cast for a injury to be approached by someone which is aroused by your condition – let it be a part of it. This is why recently a rule appeared in our community not to approach people with real injury and disturbing them.
I hope i shed a bit of light on that matter. Just make sure that you don’t blame some innocent people which do not harm anybody.

Have a good night. Dan

Sharz 2017/10/01 - 9:29 pm

Lol yes, I found out the same way you did. I was 22 and I’m now 38. I posted a couple of photos of a walking boot from a broken metatarsal and a cast from a broken ulna and the strangeness came out of the woodwork. It made me laugh. How in the heck did they find me with no hashtags back then? Real sleuthing lmao

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Entrelaud 2018/10/26 - 8:59 pm

i don’t have this fetish but they don’t get aroused from the pain that you went through but by the look of the cast, and the vulnerability as in a way a domestic fetish. And plus it’s not only creepy guys who have this fetish I’ve heard a bunch of females do too.

Deborah Cruz 2018/11/01 - 3:56 pm

This was a little bit tongue in cheek. I have learned since then that it’s not a broken person fetish but more of a bondish or material fetish. But if you would have seen all the new followers and comments I’d gotten, you would have been led to believe it was a bunch of creepy guys too 😉

Whitney Burrell 2019/06/21 - 1:10 pm

Wow! I just found out this was a thing due to my injury. I joined this Facebook support group for post ankle surgery and there was this guy or gal that would always ask people to show pictures of their foot actually in the cast or brace. They even wanted pics of boots and said they enjoyed wearing their boot, braces, etc. Someone in the group finally caught on and the admin removed them from the group. I went back and searched their comments and posts and they were very disturbing. I felt a little bad because he/she was very apologetic if they offended someone. It’s interesting what some people are into.

Anonymous 2019/06/28 - 12:36 am

Ok, I gotta just get this out there. I’m sorry you were creeped upon by people because of your injury, that’s just wrong. However, I don’t appreciate being antagonized for this fetish that I hate that I have. Look, I know it’s weird, I don’t even fully get it. I have a foot fetish (that I also hate having), and I’ve only felt the way I felt about casts because of it. I don’t like broken limbs, bondage, or anything like that. I guess what I’m trying to say is that people with cast fetishes aren’t necessarily creeps and sadists. I mean, the reason this comment is anonymous is because I don’t want to be looked down upon for something I can’t control. Despite having this fetish, I have self control and common sense and don’t do shit like creeping on people.
I’m sorry if this came off as a harsh rant, but hopefully you’ll gain some insight from this comment. And if you didn’t, whatever, this comment is anonymous anyway.

Deborah Cruz 2019/07/01 - 4:25 pm

I have figured this out since. I know now that it’s not about the injury but the footwear. No judgment for liking feet or footwear. We all have our kinks.

Leah 2019/10/05 - 2:16 am

I rarely leave comments but this totally happened to me!! I recently broke my ankle and posted on Instagram and was messaged by several men who all they were following were women with broken bones. One guy had comments all over the web about his leg being broken and wanting women to describe what they were going through. Same question he asked me only the date of his injury was 8 months previous. Like Wtf?! Blocked! I immediately deleted my post after discovering this strange festish. Cast fetish?! Who knew?! Made for an interesting evening.

Deborah Cruz 2019/10/22 - 6:50 am

It’s weird, right? If you read the comments though, you can see that it’s not about the broken bone ( which is what I thought and why I was skeeved). The guy who was wanting you to describe what you were going through…he was his own kind of weird.Hope you’re recovering well.

Ric 2019/12/19 - 4:57 pm

Yea Debora, its more of a playing doctor thing for most of them. You would be amazed at how many people are curious about the cast. We even had moms buy a cast for a kid’s birthday present a few times. All because the kid wanted to experience the cast. In today’s days of LGBTQ, you have to realize that people have all kinds of interests. I understand why you don’t want yourself to be part of a spank bank, well stated. But think of it like this, if you post a photo of a picture of yourself in a black dress. Do you think men think it sexy? Why not just wear a full gown and cover everything up. Do you wear those uncomfortable high heels? For comfortable footwear or to be sexy? Why not just wear simple shoes. You see we all wear things to make people look at us. We want to feel attractive. I am quite sure most of those cast fetish folks simply thought you were super sexy and cute in your boot! Boot, High Heels! same thing! next, they will be liking your high heel collection.

Syd01 2019/12/19 - 7:23 pm


I hope this comment won’t bother you. I’m a cast fetishist. First of all, I’m really sorry about your injury (even if you’re probably walking with your two feet now). This fetishism is polluted by creepy guys (or girls). I don’t feel creepy myself; I have this fetish, without knowing the source. I deeply think most fetishes are irrational, I have it, but someone else is a foot fetishist, an other is into BDSM, or something else. But I would be surprised if a human is not touched by this kind of thing. Actually psychology would say every human is fetishist of something, and foot fetishism is the best example. I guess you too are a fetishist of something.

Who could say what’s the source of foot fetishism ? That’s the prime fantasm of mankind, but we don’t know where it come from. So what about stranger ones ? I have to say “normality” is philosophically hard to define. Mozart was a scatophile, Tarantino is a foot fetishist. As an avid reader, I would say an event triggered the whole thing in my childhood. But honestly I have no idea. During my whole life I tried to discovered “the event” explaining this thing. But I never found it, and I thing I never will. But I think human psychology is really hard to understand, as is the whole world.

I’m really sorry for the few creepy guys you found. I myself spent a summer with crutches and cast, and even if I have this fetish, it was really hard to live. The point is that it has nothing to do with pain and suffering, it is something much more than that. I like to think it is a way some men found to take care of women they really love.

Best regards,


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Jack 2021/03/04 - 5:23 am

Look, I get what you mean, the whole thing is creepy. But please stop kink shaming these people, most of the stereotypes about people with fetishes are not true. Yes there are some disgusting kinks but most people like this look for something somewhere dedicated to the fetish. People can’t stop their fucking kinks they aren’t dangerous people like most take them to be. Just stop with the kink shaming!!!!!

Kara Enos 2021/08/16 - 8:27 pm

OMG I’m having the same issue. Broke my scooter 5 weeks ago and there’s some cuckoo’s out there!

Raven Black 2023/01/05 - 9:51 am

If she was smart, she should’ve capitalized off of it. No nudity needed. No talking. Just cast pics and videos. Don’t get mad: Get paid ✨️


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