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Sisterhood through Motherhood

by Deborah Cruz

I have been receiving a lot of wonderful awards from my awesome readers. I just wanted to let you all know that I  do really appreciate them. I’ve just been so busy lately with all the craziness of the summer that I have not had the time to follow the rules of the awards.I have been posting them on my award page ( go see for yourself..I promise I have), and trying to thank everyone personally. If I missed you, I am truly sorry. I know there are questions to answer and awards to pass on. Being that I am so back logged, I am going to try something different..so here goes. First, I would like to post a little something for some special ladies that I have the pleasure of reading and being read by. But we will get to that in a moment. Then I will share with you some of my absolute favorite bloggy goddesses. In addition to that, since I have seriously lost all the instructions to the various awards, I will answer any and all questions that you may have about your favorite dispenser of the truth. So,if you have any questions about me…please leave them in the comment section and I will answer them.

I would like to give this badge (that I completely made up myself because I wanted something special to give) to some very special women….You! Your blogs and comments have made me smile, cry, lifted me up, inspired me, moved me; your sisterhood has made me feel like I am not alone in this crazy world of Motherhood. This is a sincere and totally from the heart testament to the community of sisterhood through Motherhood that I am trying to perpetuate.  There are no rules, all I ask is that you consider what the meaning is behind this badge, place it on your side bar (if you’d like), and if you have a Mommy blogger that you think deserves it..just give it to her and tell her what her blog means to you! Happy Mothering, my dears!

Here is a list of fantastic blogs to visit listed by title.

Niki @ My Fantabulous Wonderful Life
Kristen @ Motherhood Uncensored
Jana @ Boobies, Babies, and a Blog
Preyl @ Parenting Ad Absurdum
Heather @ Dooce.com
Amanda @ Chasing Twins With Louboutins
Naomi @ Organic Motherhood with Coolwhip
Resisiting Perfection
Unofficial Mom
Adelle @ Ready, Go, Get Set
Reflections of a Noncommittal Housewife
Casey @ If the Crown Fits
Donda @ My Husband Misunderstood when I said I was bi
Ericka @ Alabaster Cow
Laura @ The Purse Blogger
Kimi Jo @ Motherhood Unsettled
Robin @ Your Daily Dose
KAE @ Anchor’s Away
The Simple Life
Ree @ The Pioneer Woman
Shius Out of Her Mind
Shell @ Things I can’t say
Michelle @ Mommy Loves Stilettos
Laina @ Reflections of a Navy Wife
Becky @ From the Kitchen of Mrs. Bettie Rocker
Alice @ Finslippy
Rage against the Minivan
One Savvy Mom!
Mocha Momma
Elizabeth @ Writer Revived

There are loads more of wonderful reads out there so if I missed you it doesn’t mean that I think less of you, it just means that my Mommy brain is running rampant again. Everyone of you who reads this blog truly does make my days feel less isolated.You make a difference in my quality of life. I feel I have found a community in you and you have one in me.To my friends that I’ve actually met in person, I may not be able to give you a badge or an award for your blog but next time I see you I’ll give you a hug and know that I always carry you with me in my heart. Thanks for the love. Now, commence with any questions you may have about Truthful Mommy!

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Becky 2010/08/05 - 6:09 pm

awww, that is probably the most meaningful "award" around. thanks a ton!

sara 2010/08/05 - 9:14 pm

I'm such a dork. That made me a little teary eyed. Thank you for such a lovely thought.

Laina 2010/08/05 - 9:16 pm

I love this blog award. Thank you for adding me to your list of blog reads. It means a lot to me. I absolutely love your blog and read it regularly and you are so deserving of this award. I have so much respect and admiration for your courage to be so open and truthful and speak out about the hardships of motherhood as well as the success. Because the truth is, motherhood is not a glamorous job…but it is the most rewarding that you just can't put a price on and cannot be compared in worth to any other job. 🙂

Elizabeth Flora Ross 2010/08/05 - 10:00 pm

You forgot me, but I won't take it personally. 😉 I know all about Mommy Brain. Just ask my husband. ;P

Nikki 2010/08/05 - 10:07 pm

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Love that it has some substantial meaning to it and I'm completely honored that you put me on your list!
I'm so happy to have "met" you and love that we have formed this great friendship. It's so nice to have that person to talk to and listen to and be yourself…I've found that friend in you!
I'll for sure be putting that badge on my blog!

mama2lilev 2010/08/05 - 11:03 pm

That is truly the most heart felt, nice, and loving post I have ever read! Of course, thanks so much for the award. I am quite honored. I love that I got my first award from you because you were one of the first blogs that I starting reading that I loved. And you rock my socks off!!!

purseblogger 2010/08/05 - 7:17 pm

This really is the most beautiful award. I love it. I'm so glad we are friends. Your blog means so much to me and this wonderful blogging community. Thanks for having me on your list there. xoxo

parenting ad absurdum 2010/08/05 - 11:27 pm

You are such a doll! You made my day. Fantastic award.

Robin 2010/08/05 - 11:37 pm

That was very thoughtful. Sometimes just a word of encouragement can make someone's day. There can never be too much kindness!

addicted2shius 2010/08/05 - 11:50 pm

Thank you so much!!! It really does mean a lot to me coming from you! You are definitely one of my must reads also!

Shelley 2010/08/06 - 6:30 am

I am a new follower from the social parade. Hoping you can check out my blog at mylifeadveturebyme.blogspot.com

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea 2010/08/06 - 7:18 am

Cant wait to read more! I'm your newest follower!


Steph @ This Organized Mess 2010/08/06 - 10:04 am

New Follower from Boost My Blog Friday. Can't wait to read more ! Hope you can "visit" me sometime at

Cyn 2010/08/06 - 4:27 pm

Stopping by from Boost my blog friday. I am pretty new to the blogosphere, but am excited to read yours!


KAE 2010/08/06 - 9:50 pm

Thank you! What a great idea to make you own 'award' and name your favorite blogs all in one! I love the truthfulness of your blog and can't wait to hear what you have to say next!

Kimi Jo 2010/08/11 - 1:21 am

Well said, sister. Thank you so much for listing me, I am truly honored. (Plus being listed 11th under Dooce is, well, as close to famous as I'm ever gonna get)!


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