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Things I Wish I Knew before becoming a Mommy

by Deborah Cruz

Things I wish I knew before becoming a Mommy ~ As I continue to grow older with each passing year, I gain wisdom. Wisdom that I wish I could text to my younger, hotter, thinner, dumber and less appreciative self. I wish I could have honestly told my Pre Mommy self how hard being a hands on, in the trenches Mommy would be and also how absolutely heart filling, soul lifting and empowering it could also be. Here are a few things every woman should know before becoming a Mommy.



Being a Mommy Changes Everything

  • If you have a luxury item that you just have to have… a snazzy pair of Louboutins, a Berkin or that hot new Burberry coat…GET IT NOW! That extra money in your pocket, is never “extra”. Soon you will have to save it. You WILL need it!
  • Sleep is the most important thing in your world. Nap, often. Sleep in. Cuddle your partner. Sleep sideways. Linger in bed doing the crossword as the birds sing on a Sunday morning.
  • Enjoy the silence. Quiet will never be so quiet again. Just be. Still. Silent. Look at the sky and imagine all the endless possibilities of the world.
  • You are never going to look this good again…EVER. Never. Run naked through the streets. Stay naked. Jump on trampolines. Show your belly. Show off that derriere. Appreciate the ebb and flow of that body. You are more gorgeous than you can appreciate right now.
  • There is no such thing as perfect Mommy or even a perfect person. It doesn’t exist. Don’t even look for it. Don’t try to reach it. Just be the best version of you.The one that makes you proud to be alive and happy with your place in the world.
  • Pamper yourself. Get your hair cut, dyed, highlighted. Style your hair. Go for a massage. Pedicure. Manicure. Get that facial hair waxed and those eyebrows threaded. Put on make up. Be beautiful.Feel beautiful. You are beautiful!

Being a Good Mommy is hard work

  • Enjoy your food. Eat it slowly. Chew it. Enjoy it while it is still hot.Try new things. Savor the flavor and texture of everything that enters into your mouth.Soon your Mommy fare will be shared, luke warm food, usually leftover on a child’s plate.
  • Try everything. Have no fear. Live your life with no regrets. No one ever died wishing they had tried less or worked more.
  • Love like your heart has NEVER been broken.Dance like no one is watching. Sing at the top of your lungs.Live out loud!
  • Enjoy your solitude. You will NEVER be alone again. Take long baths. Read books.Turn the radio up as loud as you like. Watch rated R movies. Go shopping.
  • Enjoy your partner. Go on dates. Whisper sweet nothings. Linger in one another’s arms. Hold hands.Kiss long and often.Look into their eyes. Don’t rush anything. Abide within the moment together.
  • Be prepared to love someone more than you EVER though possible. Be prepared to love someone so much that it hurts. Take the love that you have for the person that you currently love most in the world, double it and then multiply that by infinity…that’s how much a Mommy loves her baby.

Mommy; the hardest job you’ll ever Love

*I originally published this piece on Moonfrye back in October but I am super sick today and I’m sure many of you did not get the chance to read it.I think every woman needs to know these things before they become a Mommy.


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Jessica 2012/01/25 - 7:39 pm

All of this is so true, I still wonder what in the world I did with all of my time before have kids and HOW I could have thought I was SO busy in those days.

Cindi 2012/01/26 - 9:52 am

Not happy that your sick but so glad you reposted this! Hope you feel better soon.

Truthful Mommy 2012/01/26 - 10:10 am

LOL! Thanks. I wish I weren’t sick either. Even worse, I wish both my girls weren’t sick too. I just know the Big Guy’s going to be sick soon and then I’ll just have to suck it up and rub some dirt on it, per usual.

Egypt 2017/03/09 - 7:03 am

Forget the leash – can anyone point me to a good source for a toddler bit and bridle? Maybe one of the tack stores around here would carry ont.uaneeloCpe (that’s the orange one, right?) is gross unless paired with prosciutto.

Eileen 2012/01/28 - 3:00 am

… then multiply that by infinity … Amen!

I shared this with a friend who is expecting her first. You say it all so much better than I ever could hope to. Hope you feel better soon!

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