Overwhelmed, Under Paid and Exhausted

I know it’s been pretty obvious to some of you this past week that I have been MIA.I’ve not disappeared off the face of the earth but I have metaphorically exhausted. Here is a brief laundry list of the reason for the MIA.

Grandmother is diagnosed with cancer*Grandmother is given 6 months to live*School is coming to an end*Play date* Holiday*Out of town visitors* Tornado warning*I am sick*Contacted for dream job in New York* I live in Midwest* Missed opportunity*Showings on house* Copious amounts of rain*Dog is ill*Dog must be taken into emergency veterinary services*Dog must be administered medication and waited on hand and foot*Children are having meltdowns*Open house* Dog has 105 degree temperature*Lost my funding for conference*Blistering heat*Desperately seeking sponsorship*Formulating a new resume* Embracing a few amazing …(wait for it)writing opportunities*Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul*Laundry*Soothing children’s broken hearts*Stroking the Big Guy’s  (ahem) ego*Field day*Perpetual Cleaning*Play date*My “cold” is now confirmed case of Whooping cough* Last day of school*Daughter freaks out of prospect of leaving her friends*Crying in the parking lot*Packing* Cleaning* traveling*No sleep*Need to pick up antibiotic for whooping cough*Waiting to hear back from all the places that I have my foot firmly wedged in the door* Missing the routine of my every day*Spiraling out of control*

This has just been the past week or so.This is why I have been MIA. I miss the comfort of my routine and my community.Things are settling a bit so I will be back on track.Meanwhile, desperately seeking a break in the clouds.

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I’m sorry to hear about all these things going on and I hope you get some peace and calmness soon.

Wow. Hang in there. Sending good vibes your way. First: Get well.

🙁 Hugs to you, my friend! Hang in there!

Aw, Deb – I feel for you. Sorry to hear about your Grandma and for all the other stuff you’ve been dealing with, my God!

Sending you big hugs!

Hugs to you, my friend!Heart Window

Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear things are difficult, and so sorry about your grandmother. Big hugs to you – lmk if there’s anything at all I can do to help!

You poor thing! Sorry to hear about your grandma too:(

I’m fine I just need some sleep, some antibiotics and some more sleep:) Thanks for the love.

Ugh! So sorry, hon! Hang in there. Hope things get better soon.

A Mommy in the City

So sorry you are having a rough week! I know exactly how you feel! Hope the next is better for you!

Poor Deb! Hang in there. Thinking of you. It’ll be great when you’re all in one house and you don’t have to do all that alone. Hugs.


wow. Yikes. Sorry doesn’t seem to be sufficent. but … Sorry.

Egads! I always say the transition from school year into summer is brutal, but this is just torture! I hope things are evening out for you. Good luck. And how does one figure out it’s whooping cough anyway? It’s something I always worry about my kids getting, but never think I can get. Ugh.

wow. send good mojo your way. sounds like you could use some. 🙂

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