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by Deborah Cruz

I just received this award from the wonderful Robin @https://yourdailydose-robin.blogspot.com/. Thanks so much! I adore getting awards. They make me smile..ear to ear! Thanks for reading my blog. Thanks for giving me the coolest award ever! So here are the rules;

1. Get really excited that you got the coolest award EVER!
2. Choose ONE of the following options of accepting the OMB award:
(a) Get really drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight, or for as long as you can focus.
(b) Write about your most embarrassing moment.
(c) Write a “Soundtrack of your childhood” post.
(d) Make your next blog a ‘vlog’/video blog.
Basically, you’re talking to the camera about whatever.
(e) Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning,
before you do anything else (hair, make up, etc) and post it.
3. Pass the award on to at least three, but preferably more, awesome bloggers as yourself.
Don’t forget to tell them.

OK, I am choosing option B.  I am a klutz on wheels so I have a bottomless pit of “most” embarrassing moments. I will give you a couple choices and you choose which amuses you the most.1st, I was about 16 , the epitome of the girl next door. Totally in love with my own personal Jake Ryan ( boy next door). He was older, much cooler, and drove a way super cool Mustang GT that he had gotten for graduation.He used to pick me up for lunch (making me that much cooler). Anyways, one day my girlfriend and I are walking home from school for lunch..totally minding our own business. When who do I see coming directly towards us in his brand new shiny black Mustang..my all -American blonde haired, blue eyed boy next door. My ears all perk up, I am grinning from ear to ear, smiling so hard that my face hurt because I was so happy. I’m lucky my braces to slit my lips I was smiling so big. When out of no where, a group of boys from my high school pull up behind me , lean out of the car and promptly slap me square dead on my 16 year old ass, as my boy next door..love of my life at 16 , watches on in horror and then erupts into uncontrollable laughter. I was absolutely MORTIFIED!
Next, fast forward about 5 years. I am now college hottie, wearing next to nothing at a Hootie and the Blow fish concert.I was July, hot as hell , at an outdoor concert. I am wearing short shorts, a tiny top, and the highest platform sandals imaginable. Long story short. I had been consuming a lot of beverages in the heat. I had to hit the ladies room. Of course they are playing “let her Cry”( or whatever the hell the name of that uber popular Hootie song was), they have the spotlight on the crowd. As I am tiptoeing my way down the hill (yes, it was an outdoor concert on a hill) trying not to pee myself, all the while still trying to look really cute while the spotlight is circling and I just know Hootie sees me:) I am not clear on what happened next but I do know that some how , in the spotlight no less, I fell head over feet. I know Hootie saw me because….he chuckled! Oh Lord, at least I didn’t pee on myself..or spill my drink. SO there you have, 2 very embarrassing moments in my life.
Here is the fun part… I get to tag at least three people to pick up this award and run with it.
~J @ https://boobiesbabiesblog.blogspot.com/
Nikki @https://westbrockblog.blogspot.com/
Angelica @https://funwithbella.blogspot.com/
Ms. S @ https://thedailymommynews.blogspot.com/

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Tree 2010/05/06 - 12:38 am

lmao I did something similar in front of all the football players when I was in high school. LOL Congrats on your award! 🙂

Nikki 2010/05/06 - 8:33 am

Congrats on the award and I'm totally smiling ear to ear this morning….I love feeling special!!! Thank you for passing it along to me!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Robin 2010/05/06 - 10:09 pm

I feel your pain. Glad you can laugh about it now!

Angelica 2010/05/06 - 11:47 pm

Hello!! Thank you so much for the award! My first award, things are kinda crazy right now but I will get to it as soon as I can!! Thank you! and congrats to you!


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