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No nap late night meltdowns

by Deborah Cruz

My oldest is about to be 5 (sniff sniff) and she is at the age where she is starting to really refuse her naps. I know, some of you are saying to yourself, “What? Her kid still takes naps? Lucky bitch, she should be happy its lasted this long.” Well, its lasted this long because she is still tired in the afternoon, ergo I make her take a nap. Now, I know there are those of us who have taken away the nap in order to have some quiet time in the evening. I am all for that, if your child is not needing a nap anymore but that is not the case in my house. No, my children need naps like most people need air…for survival. But there are those days when they fight me on the nap, those days when they want to stay up and not miss a thing! On those days, I sometimes give in…to my four year old. Of course, absolutely everything my four year old does..my two year old feels she is also entitled to. I am absolutely, without a doubt, against this behavior none the less it has happened on occasion.That being said, yesterday was one of “those” occasions. I knew when it happened it was a bad idea but they were begging, we were out and running late getting home,things needed to be done and I gave in. Soon, it was 6:30 and ,in no uncertain terms, time for bed…so we thought.The four year old went on and on about how I don’t love her, and I don’t care about her. This is all compounded by complete hysterics. I can’t even get a word in edge wise. I try to console her, I know its the over tiredness talking. I’ve seen this before. But she keeps on going,” You don’t love me. You only love her. I hate her.(her being her little sister). ” The little one, sensing the meaning of her sister’s unkind words, decides she will physically attack. I believe there was some face grabbing, and perhaps a bite was exchanged. I’m trying to hold it together. I stay calm, try to placate both girls. I just know if I can get them still for 5 minutes…they will fall fast asleep. This continues for 45 minutes. I am at my wits end. It ended up, my husband, myself and both daughters in our king size bed; apparently it was the only way to prove that I loved them equally. After all the tears and drama, there are two things I am certain of 1, my four year old certainly still needs naps. I don’t care what anybody says. If they want to argue, I’ll let her miss her nap and then send her to their house around 7 pm.Take that, judgy Mommies:)2)No matter how sweet and lovable my kids are during the day, no matter the promises they make about going to bed without a fight if allowed to miss their nap…NEVER, EVER BELIEVE THEM! They are crazy little liars who can’t be trusted and it is my job to know better! No Nap , late night meltdowns are our own faults…nap responsibly!

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Funeral Laugh 2010/02/25 - 10:21 pm

I think I had a nervous breakdown just reading that. 😀


Truthful Mommy 2010/02/25 - 10:51 pm

Yes, it is quite nervous breakdown inducing:)LOL But,unfortunately, you do get used to it.The same way you get used to existing on broken sleep in durations of no longer than 3 hours at a time!Oh, the joys of parenting. I love it!

parenting ad absurdum 2010/02/26 - 3:32 pm

Oh, I hear you!!! My four-year old still needs naps, but the only way I can still get him to take them is if I lie down with him (when my kids were first born, I was all "no co-sleeping, kids must learn to sleep on their own, blah blah…") Now, my philosophy is "If it gets the job done, I'll do it." Funny how things change.

Thanks for your feedback on my article – you are great :).

Katherine 2010/02/27 - 6:39 pm

It is so refreshing to read about another mom with children that are similar in age going through the same things. My kids and I have been having the nap battle for awhile now and I know they need them, they just need to know they need them. Thanks again for sharing!! 🙂
I am following you!

~J 2010/02/27 - 6:28 pm

LOL! Love this post..and yes, I'm MAD jealous thaty ou still have a napper. My son jumped ship shortly after turning one…gah!!!

Great blog..I'm following you now!

Boobies 2010/02/27 - 6:28 pm

LOL! Love this post..and yes, I'm MAD jealous thaty ou still have a napper. My son jumped ship shortly after turning one…gah!!!

Great blog..I'm following you now!

Mrs. Sanchez 2010/02/27 - 7:03 pm

haha, I had to laugh at what nonentity said, because I felt the same way. oooh, so stressed just reading it.

Happy Napping, girl.


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