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Mothers; No matter how old our children may get, they will always be our “babies’

by Deborah Cruz

Today, I had an amazing realization. I used to hate when my Mom or my Mother in Law would call and ask all kinds of questions, or try to tell us what to do, how we should be behaving or spending ( rather saving) our money. It used to drive me crazy, back when I was in my 20’s, before I had my own little precious gems.And now I know, now I understand fully…Now, I also realize I will be 10 times worse! We may be grown up, having our own babies and we think we know everything, but we are still their babies. The same way I still feel like I am 20 (and should look that way too), the same way 10 years pass in the blink of an eye, is the same way my babies will always be my babies. No matter how tall, or old, or big they get…I will always see them through those same rose colored glasses, in those first moments that took my breath and left me gasping for air.It pains me now, at the ripe old ages of 2 and 4 to see them coming for independent. I am proud, of course, but I feel them drifting slowly away from me. I guess that is how it is suppose to be, that is why the teen years are so trying. If they weren’t we would be crying our eyes out and lying in the floor like rumpled towels when they left to college (which I am sure, I still will be…until the transfer, my husband assures me that he sees in our future:) But instead, they hit puberty, turn completely crazy, and this helps ease the pain and instead of holding on for dear life when they leave, we are yelling, “See ya at Thanksgiving, don’t let the door hit ya in the rear:)”But in the end, they are always our children and we are always their Mothers, no matter the age, distance, or time that has passed.

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Juliana 2010/02/23 - 12:22 am

This made me cry—They may outgrow our laps but never our hearts. This was an absolutely beautiful post

Anonymous 2010/02/23 - 2:13 pm

I am experiencing this now–as my son is getting ready to graduate from high school and has been accepted to a school a few hours away. I will be the mom who lays on the floor and cries when he leaves–he has been the dream teenager. But-I am also proud that I have raised a thoughtful, respectful, independent young man who is ready to conquer the world. My job is going to be different but it will not be over. I will still go to bed every night worrying about him and wake up every morning wondering what he is doing(especially since he is going to VMI, a military college and will not be able to come home much). All I know is I have 2 more coming up behind him and I relish the fact that I still have 2 more TEENS to raise and they are all MUCH different. The second one will NOT be that easy! Trust me on that.


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