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Mommies DON’T have favorites…do they?

by Deborah Cruz

I have two amazing , beautiful daughters that I simply worship. These two kids are my reason for being. That being said, some times they can absolutely drive me up a wall.  I mean, stark raving lunatic crazy. For instance, when bedtime rolls around and my 5 year old just keeps begging for “JUST 5 more minutes (of tv). Please Mommy!” “No, honey. It’s bedtime.You HAVE to go to sleep!” “You are the WORST MOTHA EVA!!!!!” Wow, I didn’t see that coming. Oh, wait. Yes I did..its our bedtime ritual. Some of you ladies like to read and cuddle, not us..we like to have a full on drag out cage match. Then there is my lovely 2 year old. Oh , how I love her so. She just makes me smile always, except for when she is in her “NO” mode. “Honey, let’s take our nap. ” “NO!!!” “Come on, you need your rest.” “NO!!!!” “Get your ass in the bed before I hurt you…(I jest..I don’t say that….not usually. I think it a lot but don’t normally say it) . The point is no matter how combative my children decide to behave or what craziness they decide to throw at me on any given day, which could truly be any thing. Sometimes I feel like I am running through a mine field with crazed chimps throwing poo at me, that’s how bad it gets…some days! But at no point, ever, would I choose one child over the other. Somehow, my heart has grown to accommodate loving both in equal measure, which I never would have believed possible had I not be experiencing it firsthand. I was so in love with my first one that I was positive that there was no way I would or could ever love # 2 any where close to that. You know, sorta how you thought you’d never love any one after that first love? I ,literally, was in the hospital in labor with #2 and was crying because I felt like I was completely betraying #1 by even bringing this other baby into the world and having to split my love. I had no idea that my love would double. But Gabs came along and low and behold, this kid …I couldn’t physically love her anymore then I do. So I can’t conceive how you would ever pick one of your children over another but I’ve seen it happen. Gasp…I know you are either gasping for shame for this poor woman or you are nodding ( silently in agreement). Either way,  this “Mother” consistently puts one child’s needs and wants above the others. She has even go so far as to tell the #2 (in her book)  that her plans are dependent on #1’s. WTF? This annoys me to no end because I say if you have your favorite, because you are human and I am sure it happens, then at least try and conceal it. Don’t be so damn obvious!  That is just insulting for the poor child and anyone else who has the misfortune of witnessing it. Also, keep in mind that for young children, you are risking major bucks in therapy down the line. So, if you are going to have favorites for God’s sake be discreet. Your children are probably not as oblivious as you are giving them credit for being.

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Brittney 2010/04/08 - 1:03 am

i only have one but i could never imagine picking a fave kid! thats sad

Truthful Mommy 2010/04/08 - 1:10 am

It is sad. What is worse is that the kids are grown and the favoritism is very obvious.Poor less loved child. 🙁 I'm with you, I could never choose one of mine over the other.

Robin 2010/04/08 - 12:47 pm

I hate to be the person to say this but some people are just mean. We like to think that the world is a nice place but it isn't. There are nice people in it. But there are mean people, too. Hard hearted selfish people. It's terrible, but it's true. And then there are people that sometimes do awful things but they aren't awful people. They are good people who make mistakes. It's chaos really if you think about it long enough.

Eclipsed 2010/04/08 - 8:36 pm

I don't care what my mom says, I just know she likes my sister better. Not only does it mess with the kid when you display favortism it creates unneeded sibling rivalry.

Zen Mama 2010/04/09 - 1:47 pm

I just couldn't love any one of them more than the other!!!

Happy Friday Follow! You have a gorgeous family!! Thanks for visiting me!


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