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misogynist, misogyny, robin thicke, miley cyrus

When Misogyny Speaks the World Listens

by Deborah Cruz

misogyny, misogynist, robin thicke,miley cyrus
Last week, I wrote a post about Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke that really seemed to piss people off. Worst of all, it pissed women off but not at Robin Thicke for being a misogynistic pig but at Miley Cyrus for being a whore who obviously violated Robin Thicke and anger towards me for having the gall to write a piece that not only insinuated that Thicke was partially to blame for the VMA performance but straight up called the guy out for being the smarmy pig he is.

Women all over the world came to his defense saying things like he is a good guy and whores like Miley and feminist bitches like myself are all up in arms because we hate men.(This was actually said to me). I assure you that I do not hate men. In fact, I have a sweet spot for them.My husband is one of my favorite people in the world. Anyways, I spoke the truth and anyone with eyes and common sense, knew I was right. Still, they argued. Obviously it was me, not Robin Thicke who had the problem. Even after I prominently featured his misogynistic video for Blurred Lines, they still defended him. I could not win.

Then, while I was traveling in San Diego for a press event, a reader sent me a post by a male blogger who wrote essentially the exact same perspective and opinion as I ,myself, had written on Monday and Tuesday only there was one main difference, he had a penis. Where I had been called a man hating feminist bitch, he was patted on the back by women for being such a wonderful man. Praised, patted on the back and swooned upon. In fact, I am sure team Robin Thicke has even jumped the shark and become team the Matt Walsh blog. I salute you Matt Walsh because you said everything I did and somehow managed to avoid any backlash. Damn, I had no idea the penis wielded such protection powers. Damn unsafe vagina.

Speaking of vaginas, can anyone explain to me where Robin Thicke has been this entire time? Why did he not speak out on Monday and let the world know that the crass behavior, twerking aside, on Miley’s part was directly from HIS video? Think about that, Robin Thicke fans.Where was your precious, chivalrous Mr.Thicke when a woman was getting the beat down of all backlash that he was responsible for?

Then another reader & friend sent me this, because y’all get me, you really, really do.

Robin Thicke, MIley Cyrus, Misogyny
And another reader sent me this and I know we are all not choking down the misogyny that is being spoon fed to us by media and society.

I’m not a “man hating feminist” nor do I have anything personal against Robin Thicke and I really don’t think that Miley Cyrus twerking and Robin Thicke dry humping her on stage is more important than people in Syria being gassed with Sarin BUT I do, with all that I am, believe that women have been treated like objects rather than people for far too long and to ignore it any longer would be detrimental to our society as a whole. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers and wives. We are somebody’s everything and dismissing women as less than men, making us nothing more than what lies between our legs, is lessening all of us as the human race. You are squandering your most precious asset.

What are your thoughts on the treatment of women in the world? Will you stand by silently as this continues? I will not!

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Liz Henry 2013/09/03 - 1:53 am

I see where you’re coming from and I have also felt the wrath of the “protect a man” police that troll the internet with flapping vaginas and typing fingers. That was months ago and had nothing to do with this, but I wanted to say: I get it.

Now, I am a Robin Thicke fan and I have been for years. You have every right to express a passionate opinion. I like the guy’s voice — among other things. With that being said, Cyrus is guilty of so many things in her “performance” from cultural appropriation to making a mockery out of black women’s bodies, to about a bazillion other things. Quite frankly, I couldn’t care if Cyrus slutted her way down a catwalk or a stage or in a bedroom or whatever — it’s all the appopriating and black face that is the problem. Unpacking this performance — which includes Thicke — is not for me because, like I wrote in a piece last week, this very wealthy white girl should never give us a two-day pause or be the “top news” on CNN.

Ultimately, Cyrus makes shitty music and is a terrible gauge for pretty much anyone with half a brain. Thicke? I like his groove, but his video is problematic at best and the combo of video/song is misogyny at its worst. Thicke gets a pass for me because I like the guy, Cyrus doesn’t because she just does’t. Does that make my feminism sloppy? Of course it does, but I play sloppy feminism everyday: we all do. I don’t blindly support women just like I don’t blindly support anything.

Deborah Cruz 2013/09/03 - 9:06 am

I agree the “Cyrus/Thicke Story” is taking up way too much air space. Do I think of myself of a feminist? I never really thought of it. I think of myself as a woman; equal in worth to a man. What started out as me writing about Thicke & Cyrus and how they were both on stage and if one is to be scolded so should the other ( though honestly, they are adults and if they want to shake their asses at one another who am I to judge?) it quickly made me realize the bigger problem; women are quick to blame other women ( or maybe it’s holding them to a higher standard) but equally willing to see past the errors of a man’s way ( or again, maybe just expect less of him). Either way, I think it is a huge problem in our world that women are not considered as valuable as men, especially by other women. This not only disappoints me, it scares me.
Thanks for sharing your own experience with the “protect a man” police. Crazy, right?

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Rachel 2013/09/05 - 8:51 pm

Wooooo go Deborah! I was so happy when I read your earlier piece on the topic because it was a performance involving TWO people being gross.

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