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Magic Moments in ThisLife

by Deborah Cruz

I have partnered with ThisLife to share with you some of the most magical moments in my life. ThisLife is a photo and video solution for people whose Moments (photos, videos, and other memories such as text notes and scanned images) are scattered across their phones, desktops, photo websites, and social services. ThisLife is the Magic Box that gathers, improves and organizes your photos/videos for you in a chronological timeline while keeping them all safely stored in the cloud.

My most magical moments in this life have all been captured through the lens of a camera. First Steps.First dates.Prom.Graduation.First Job. Old friends. New friends. Family.Good times. Bad times.

My Wedding. The  moment when my world became tied to his. The moment my soul found it’s other half. The moment that I knew unconditional love did not mean weakness but strength in the trusting and having someone to shoulder half of my load. It was the moment that I let myself free to be who I was to become and threw off the shackles of who I was expected to be. Becoming part of a double helped me to feel more secure in who I was because no matter what I did, he would be there to love me.

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ThisLife the Magic Moments

The birth of my daughters. The day that I became a Mother. The single most magical and life altering moment that I have ever or probably ever will experience. It was the moment that I became a selfless adult. It was the moment that shook my world to it’s very core and gave me new eyes to see the world. I was blessed with new perspective and an open heart.

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My daughters growing together. Spending time getting to know one another, as well as they know themselves. Forging a friendship and sisterhood that will shape the women they become in the world. Learning to love one another as completely and selflessly as we love them. When I see them together, I know that my place in this world is vast and imprinting. I have made a difference in the world by bringing these two beauties into it. I am a Mommy and everything I do has a ripple effect onto the lives of my girls. That is huge.

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In a Moment thislife changes

Photos are my way of chronicling my history. Every photo captures a moment that has fled. I can never have that moment back but the photo serves a the closest thing to tangible to those amazing moments. Photos keep us close to those who we love. Those who are gone. Those who are on the way. Those we have forgotten and those who never will be. This life is too short to forget the magic moments.

* Disclosure:ThisLife sponsored my story today. I received compensation and a free trial service in exchange for telling my story. ThisLife is offering my readers a 6-month trial of their Adventure Box package, which will house and organize up to 20,000 photos. Go check out theThisLife free trial today.

ThisLife is All We Have



This Life

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