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Live Mas ~ Your Life, Your Way, NOW!

by Deborah Cruz

What does it mean to live mas? It means to live more. Live bigger. Live brighter. Live in the moment.  Life is too short for waiting to have your adventure until tomorrow, until you have more money saved, the perfect house, the perfect mate or until you are thinner. You shouldn’t live your life on a reward system; living is the reward. Live it now. In short, carpe diem.

Many of us spend our whole lives waiting for some conditional if this than that to happen before we allow ourselves permission to fully live out loud; to be happy. We hide behind any number of circumstances to deny ourselves happiness when it’s as easy as just doing it. We make excuses and blame others. We let fear of failure or, worse, fear of success stop us from living spontaneously and freely. We squelch excitement and experience to live comfortably and safely. We let reason tell our heart to stay quiet. We only half live because we are cautiously optimistic rather than being full on balls to the wall all in.

I am 40 and that’s not very old, in relation to say 80, but I know that I have spent a lot of time living modestly. I’ve lived balls to the wall but lately, I’ve been living a lot more cautiously optimistic and a lot less full on. I hate that. I’ve never been to Europe, I’ve never flown, I’ve never bungee jumped or sky dived, all things that I wanted to do. Speaking in front of large groups makes me nervous, so even though I have a lot to say, I don’t usually do it in public. But, I think this is the year of Living Mas for me. I want to do life bigger, bolder and louder. I want the world to know I am here and I want to drink in every single moment of the living.

Taco Bell is promoting just that with their new campaign and commercial to debut during the 3rd quarter of the super bowl. Here’s a teaser. I love this spunky old guy. You couldn’t stop him if you wanted to and he looks like he is having a blast living mas.

So what if you don’t succeed at first. Get yourself up and try again. What’s the worst that could happen? You learn something, you experience something, you meet some people, you fall in love, you enjoy your life now, and you live your life in the moment.

You only live once, what’s holding you back from living mas?

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