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It Hurts Like A Mother

by Deborah Cruz

Today, I am honored to have one of my bestest bloggy friends and a fabulously snarkilicious lady guest post, Jenni from MommyNaniBooBoo.com. She is one of my favorite people in the world, as evident here. She’s fabulous and if you are not already following her, I highly recommend that you do so…immediately. She is sharing her TRUTH about Motherhood here today and I couldn’t be more excited.

For me, from the beginning, motherhood hurt. I was literally torn in two giving birth to my son. My pubic bone was split, and I had several weeks of physical therapy before I could walk again. It never entered my mind that something like that was even possible! I knew giving birth would be painful, but seriously? Ripping in half? Isn’t that a little unnecessary? Stack that on top of bloody nipples from trying to nurse every half hour, and it was not the most peaceful of beginnings.


My son was colicky, and I suffered from post partum depression. Each day was excruciatingly painful for the first several months. I remember banging my head against the wall… to keep from passing out… to take my mind off of the incessant crying… to keep from squeezing my son too tight while I held him.


But what they say is true- colic doesn’t last forever. And gradually I started to feel a little better.  I started to realize how kick ass I must be to have endured so much. Breast feeding became a joy, and I would marvel at my slurping son in our private and tender moments. And soon I became ready for the stuff I always knew would happen- the cuteness, the squeaky giggles, the snuggles, the “mamamama”, and the first wobbly steps.

But damner damnersteins if nobody told me that would freakin hurt too!

And that it would





A different kind of hurt, but one I wasn’t prepared for.

A hurt that boldly erases all the other superficial hurt I experienced.

My son is almost three, and I am currently in the throws of the Beautiful Hurt.  The exquisite, precious, ache to the depths of your soul hurt. It’s, “I can do it by myself”. It’s the climbing and getting hurt. It’s the playing pretend. It’s the getting ready for pre-school soon. It’s all too much. I see my son grow into more of his own person with each day. And my heart is breaking and expanding at the same time. I am proud and terrified at any given moment.

It’s magnificent. And it’s breaking my bloody heart.

Because I’m realizing I won’t be able to hold him close forever.

I was prepared for the poop, the nursing, the terrible twos, the potty training. I was even halfway prepared for the exhaustion.

I was not prepared for the love so deep it makes your soul ache.

For the joy so intense it carves a river through all of your insides.

I had no idea.

It’s other worldly.

But I’m tougher than I thought.

So bring on the pain that only a mother knows.

Rip that cord a little more each day… and I’ll wait patiently until he runs back for a brief hug and kiss.

My tear ducts are developing scar tissue.

And… perhaps I’m a bit of a masochist.

Because to me…


It hurts so good.

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Alison@Mama Wants This 2011/05/05 - 7:53 am

Oh this is so darn good. I love Jenni, she’s awesome.

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/05 - 9:08 am

I know, Jenni is amazing! This piece is so typical Jenni.

Heidi 2011/05/05 - 11:33 am

What a beautiful touching piece. I am really moved. Jenni has an incredible way of expressing herself. Thanks so much for posting.

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/05 - 1:59 pm

Jenni certainly has a way with words. I told you guys, I know some of the best writers around. You girls inspire and amaze me on the regular!

MommaKiss 2011/05/05 - 11:52 am

Those later hurts are the worst. I had a big fat punch when my kiddo was being picked on during kindy – on the school bus. I couldn’t protect him. He was away from me. There’s more to come, I’m sure – but I’ll never be ready for the next.

p.s. ripped in half? God Bless Ya!

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/05 - 1:58 pm

OMG, Bella was getting picked on earlier this year too. Kindergarten bullies can suck it. It nearly broke my Mommy heart.I turned all crazy Mama bear.

Jess@Straight Talk 2011/05/05 - 12:18 pm

Love this beautiful post. And the beautiful Jenni!

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/05 - 1:56 pm

I;m telling you, I’ve met the best ladies around on Twitter and through my blog.Love you ladies!

Is it because you hate Dr. Seuss? | Mommy Nani Booboo 2011/05/05 - 1:33 pm

[…] post is called: It hurts like a mother. Go read it […]

Mommy Nani Booboo 2011/05/05 - 1:35 pm

You guys are making me all verklempt… and I’m the least Jewish person I know.
Thanks Deb! Can’t wait for BlogHer, lady!

Truthful Mommy 2011/05/05 - 1:55 pm

Me neither mama!I can’t to hang out in person. YOu rock.

January 2011/05/05 - 2:44 pm

Ahhhh!!! Mommy Nani Booboo! You hit the nail right on the head…beautifully. It hurt but it felt good. Guess I’m a masochist too. I’m heading over to ‘meet’ your blog right now!

B. Dubois 2011/05/06 - 2:48 pm

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