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How to Upcycle your Maternity Clothes After Pregnancy

by Deborah Cruz

Having a baby changes everything. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. The one thing it changes forever is your body. Even if you get back to the size you were pre-baby, you are changed. But who am I telling? If you’re a mom, you already know this. However, no need to stress out. Just a little change of perspective, some patience and self-love, and everything is back on track. Figuring out what to do about your maternity clothes after pregnancy can be a challenge, your body is still changing but a mom still wants to look and feel stylish. Start with upcycling your way of thinking.

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Here are some tips to look stylish and feel beautiful in your own skin in that transition time between giving birth and returning to your pre-pregnancy body. I’ll also help you with a few tips on how to upcycle your maternity clothes after pregnancy for a cute and comfortable wardrobe that builds confidence and promotes self-love.

Accept and Love Your Body

First things first, I know (probably better than most) how hard it really is to accept and love your body. It’s great in theory but in reality, not so easy. It’s even harder after having a baby because everything about you has changed, whether you like it or not. Your body, your perspective, the very way that you move through the world has changed, and that pre-baby life you had before is a previous chapter in the story of you.

Different doesn’t mean bad. It just means different. It’s vital to accept and love your new mama body as it is now. You’re Wonder Woman, you just brought life into the world. Even if you don’t feel 100% comfortable and confident, you should feel proud of your body for going through a pregnancy, growing another human being inside of you, and then giving birth. That’s a lot of pressure on your body, and it’s time to give your body some unconditional love and acceptance.

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Next thing, time to add some new fashion pieces to your wardrobe and maybe start to upcycle your maternity wardrobe in a way that suits you. But first, out with the old. Some things can be upcycled but other things just need to be given away or thrown out.

Do A Big Declutter

Decluttering your wardrobe is the next step before you go buy anything. Does it bring you joy? Marie Kondo your entire wardrobe. Seriously, some things just might not fit who you are in your life anymore. If you know that you’ll never wear something again or you don’t even like the way it makes you feel when you wear it, give it away. The reason for this is that you don’t want your new outfits to get lost in the sea of clothing that you might already have.

You also then run the risk of standing in front of your wardrobe on a daily basis, dazed and confused about what to wear. It’s overwhelming. I’ve done this many times lately as, while I’ve not just had a baby, I’ve lost about 50 pounds but I’m still losing and I’m in transition to a new body so I’m upcycling some things that are a little big and adding new smaller pieces as needed.

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A lot of the clothes you have may no longer fit you or might just be time to get rid of because they’re looking a little tired or outdated. Go through everything and really focus on what you love and can still wear and what needs to go. Be ruthless because that way, you can afford to get a few more outfits because you need to fill up your wardrobe a little more. Set aside some time where you can do it all in one go, instead of breaking it up and not always being focused on what you’re doing. I suggest doing it while you have a couple of hour block of uninterrupted time to get it done if not, you’ll be Marie Kondo-ing for months. I speak from experience.

Re-evaluate Your Size

Sizing is different for every brand and designer out there. It makes it hard for us as consumers to know what to go with and what will suit our figures correctly. It might be time, therefore, to re-evaluate your size. You might have been one size before but now you could vary between two or even three sizes. It’s important to do this because you might end up pulling your hair out in frustration because nothing fits in that original size you were used to. There are lots of plus-size dresses out there as well as styles, shapes, and fabrics to suit your shape when it feels a little all over the place. Empire waist or A-line dresses are my favorite transitioning pieces in the world. I own about 13 of them. Sorting out your sizing is the most important part before you start shopping, so get yourself measured up to find out what your new sizes are and what you should be aiming for.

Get Back To Basics

When it comes to post-pregnancy bodies, having a few basics in your wardrobe is very useful. These are going to be your vests, tops, and leggings that you can wear on days where you just want to feel comfortable but without having to dress up. It’s also the basics that you can wear under other items that you may still want to have kept from before you got pregnant. Buy a few basic essentials to start off with, and you’ll definitely find that you can style your wardrobe a bit more effectively as you navigate your fashion with this new post-pregnancy body.

Upcycle your maternity clothes

I know it’s so taboo to keep wearing your maternity clothes after giving birth. Society makes us believe that we’re supposed to bounce back in just a few weeks and that’s simply not natural. Sure, you may lose all the pre-pregnancy weight but you’ll still need to get your body toned and tightened and that takes time and effort at the gym. It months to gain the pregnancy weight, expect the same to get back to your pre-baby body. Give your body some grace and use what you have at the house.

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These days’ maternity clothes can be very stylish. We also live in a time where you can buy clothing extenders to keep wearing your own clothes until the last couple of months of pregnancy. I even bought up a size in regular clothes when I was pregnant and then used them after having my girls. You’d be amazed what a big belt can do for a dress or top that’s slightly large. Leggings with riding boots and a maternity sweater or tunic looks just like regular clothes. These pieces are great for getting through the transition time after giving birth and it’s already paid for and in your closet.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Being a new parent means you’re discovering things for the first time, or you’re doing what you used to do, all over again, and the experience is never the same. So stepping out of your comfort zone is probably what you’ll soon be used to doing, and the same attitude needs to be taken when it comes to shopping for clothes. Start trying on things that you’ve never considered before and think about styles and cuts that you would never think of wearing. You might surprise yourself and find something that suits you really well and is complimenting on your figure as a new mom. Pick out a few trendy pieces that are out of your comfort zone while you’re shopping, and if you’re shopping with friends, get them to pick something out too.

Ask for Help

Shopping for your new body can be difficult and frustrating, especially if you’re not someone who really enjoys clothes shopping, to begin with. I love shopping and I still found myself crying in the changing room on a few occasions. So you might want to ask for help, and a lot of in-store clothing stores will offer personal shopping services. This might be handy when you’re trying to find new pieces to fit your body. Having an unbiased professional who knows their stuff when it comes to fashion can be really helpful. Find a store that you like to shop in and go with them for a personal shopping consultation. That’s because you’ll like the style of fashion and you’ll have someone helping to tailor the clothes to your body type.

Dealing with your wardrobe as a woman, in general, is hard but after pregnancy, it can seem overwhelming and make the thought of throwing out all your clothes daunting. However, consider this new chapter to be something to get excited about. You get an excuse to buy new clothes and to treat yourself. So ask for help if you get stuck, try on things outside of your comfort zone, and learn to love your new body the way your new baby loves you, unconditionally and completely. This attitude applies to your entire life as a new mom. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What’s your best tip to upcycle your maternity clothing after giving birth? Did you chuck it all and buy all new or fake it til you made it in your pre-pregnancy clothing or did you upcycle some of your quality maternity pieces? No judgment here, I’ve done it all. In fact, I may or may not be wearing a maternity tank top right now and my youngest is 12-years-old. Don’t judge, it’s comfortable and long and I just might be buried in it.

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