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Embrace Your Body Week 2010

by Deborah Cruz

The Mommyologist is hosting Embrace your body week 2010. I think this is an amazing idea. So many times us Mommies  women spend all of our time picking ourselves apart. We never focus on our assets. In fact, when you are exhausted, covered in spit up, wearing Yoga Pants, focusing on everyone else’s needs and wants; its pretty damn hard to feel sexy or even cute. But this week is all about embracing what we have and not focusing on what we don’t have or how we wish we could improve it. So, against my true nature I am going to find a few things I like about my body; right now, as is!

1) My Boobs. They may not be where they once were but let me tell you, they look pretty damn sweet in the right shirt/dress/ bra!

2) My Teeth, they are white and straight and they show the world when I am happy. My smile lets my girls know that I love them and I am happy to see their faces every day. The same smile welcomes my husband home and lets him know how much I missed him while he was away. I have a huge smile so good teeth are certainly a plus!

 3)My hair. Yes, I know I have been complaining about my little brush with dermatitis but overall my hair is awesome. It is long, full (Normally) , it can go straight or curly and there is a load of it. It makes me feel like a woman and very sexy.

4) Last, but probably my favorite part of my entire body…my UTERUS! If it weren’t for my uterus, I would not have my beautiful girls. Because of my uterus I have given life and was able to meet my most precious daughters, Bella & Gabi.

These are my four things. What are yours? We all need to find something we love about our bodies.  Life is too short to let our flaws or what we think are our flaws get in our way.  It is time to love ourselves and our bodies for what they are not for who we think we should be.Go Link up and love your body…love yourself!

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thoughtsofaworkingmom 2010/08/10 - 12:12 am

Love love love your post. I think it's awesome that you love your boobs(mine are already heading south). But what touched me most was your statement about your uterus.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Jeannette 2010/08/10 - 12:51 am

Great post! I especially love the part about your uterus. How amazing to think of that!

The Mommyologist 2010/08/10 - 7:26 am

I loved this post!!! You are just gorgeous, girl!!! And I love that you said you love your uterus. I wouldn't even have thought about that, but I love mine too. Isn't it amazing what womens' bodies are capable of? We should all celebrate ourselves more often!!

Kimberly 2010/08/10 - 11:49 am

You are beautiful! Loved your take on this. Your girls have a tremendous role model.

One Cluttered Brain 2010/08/10 - 1:32 pm

You have a great smile!!
Love it.
And great hair!
nice to meet ya!
Hope you will stop by later and check out what I LOVE about my body too…:D
nice to meet ya!

Jennifer 2010/08/10 - 2:25 pm

I love your post. I didn't give any thought to the uterus! I found you through the mommyologist.

MommyLovesStilettos 2010/08/10 - 4:49 pm

Love it!! And I love the pictures 🙂

Nikki 2010/08/10 - 10:10 pm

You are beautiful!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that your uterus is your most favorite!! I never really thought of that but it's so true!!!!

AngieB 2010/08/11 - 8:01 am

Three cheers for your uterus! Great post!

Elizabeth 2010/08/12 - 1:23 am

You are beautiful. And I love the uterus love!

Erin 2010/08/12 - 9:58 pm

You are stunning, my dear! your teeth and your smile, your face, everything! so glad you linked up!

From Tracie 2010/08/12 - 10:30 pm

Beautiful! I love that you talked about your uterus. What a great thing to love about yourself! =)

Alex 2010/08/13 - 3:47 am

You're gorgeous…this was a great idea.

Kristin 2010/08/13 - 2:52 pm

You are an amazingly beautiful woman.


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