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dream big princess, dream, how to succeed, Disney, princess

What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

by Deborah Cruz

This post is sponsored by Disney but all opinions to dream bigger are my own.

My big dream for the upcoming months is to dream bigger; to embrace change, to give myself permission to go for my dreams with everything I’ve got.

I’ve always been someone who firmly believes that “where there is a will there is always a way” (with a lot of hard work and dedication) but I hold back. Even though the possibilities are endless, something stops me. There’s always this little voice inside me, quietly whispering, “but what if you fail?”

I go after things with my everything (especially if it involves protecting or standing up for others. I’m a mom, it’s what we do) but when it’s just about me, I don’t always go all in because the possibility of failure terrifies me. Finally, I’ve realized that there is something so much worse than failing and that is not trying at all.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

When I was a little girl, watching the Disney Princess movies, I loved the vivid colors and happy endings. Princesses were flawed like the rest of us and yet they somehow figured it all out in the end. I think that’s what made me want to be a princess the most.

I learned early on that I was the only one who could make my dreams come true but it wasn’t going to be easy. You have to be willing to put everything on the line to make dreams come true and that’s part of what makes them so special. I like to believe that will is a wish with a lot of work behind it.

A dream is not something that happens to you, a dream coming true is something that you have to be willing to work hard and sacrifice for.

dream, how to succeed, Disney, princess


As I embraced the belief that I could make my dreams come true it changed my way of thinking. The dreams got bigger the moment I realized that the only one who could stop me was me.

Take Cinderella, for instance, she was abandoned to a life of servitude after her father’s death but she didn’t give up on her dreams. She kept going after her dreams and never let anyone make her believe that she was less than. The possibilities were literally endless and I decided that no one was going to get in my way, including myself.

I felt a closeness to the story of Cinderella because, like me, she was a poor little girl with no prospects and no one to pave her way but herself. Her “never give up” attitude, her self-confidence, and her quiet determination is what got her through the hard times. She made her dream a reality by never giving up.

Actually, the older I’ve gotten and after having daughters of my own, I relate to so many of the princesses because I see the moral of the stories. I love the story of Tiana because she made her own dreams come through by working hard and never giving up. I find that admirable on every level. Merida is a hero of mine because of her bravery and willingness to forge her own way but I also loved the mother/daughter storyline. I watched it with my own daughters and it inspired me.

Mulan inspires little girls everywhere to be anything they want to be because our femininity is not a limitation. Then there is Elena who is the first Latina princess and I love her because she is someone my daughters can relate to culturally. The sisterly love story behind Elsa and Anna also made them a favorite of ours because, in our family, the family is everything.

dream, how to succeed, Disney, princess, dream big princess

“When you believe in a thing, believe it all over, implicitly and unquestioningly.” – Walt Disney

Some dreams are worth never giving up on. I married my “prince,” my best friend and partner in life. He encourages me to pursue my dreams. My girls look to me to set the tone. I want my children and my children’s children to know that any dream they have is a possibility.

The thing about dreams is you have to be willing to put your everything into it, be willing to work until you pass out from exhaustion, and more importantly you can’t be afraid of failure because the only thing worse than failure is not trying. There is no shame in trying and failing.

Not giving up on your dreams is what I’m teaching my little princesses by being the example that never giving up and working hard for your dreams pays off in the end, even if it is just being profoundly happy trying. It’s better than being miserable not.

My big dream is to fight as hard for myself as I have always fought for everyone and everything else I love in this world. I want to be more present as a mother (not just involved or physically there but I want to listen and hear my children), I want to make more “us” time for my husband, I want to travel everywhere and show my children the world and I want to take my success in my career to the next level by going after everything I want, even if it terrifies me. I want my daughters to know those wonderful things can happen if you just dare to dream hard enough.

dream big princess, dream, how to succeed, Disney, princess

What would you dare to dream if you weren’t afraid?

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Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle 2017/01/27 - 3:48 pm

I absolutely love this post. Fear is the killer of so many dreams and ideas. We think we can’t do it. We think we’ll fail. We think we’re not good enough. And so we never even try!

Deborah Cruz 2017/01/29 - 1:18 pm

Right? The fastest way to fail is to not try because if you don’t try you will certainly fail.

Dogvills 2017/01/28 - 2:26 am

I love reading inspirational posts like this. We shouldn’t be afraid to dream big and I totally agree with you on putting your everything into it.

Deborah Cruz 2017/01/29 - 1:15 pm

Thank you for your kind words. I do agree 100%, we should never be afraid to dream as big as we possibly can because only through dreaming it can we ever be it.

Debra Schroeder 2017/01/28 - 10:35 pm

Being afraid prevents people from doing so many things. If we let fear dictate our lives, we won’t have a life.

Deborah Cruz 2017/01/29 - 12:52 pm

I agree and I refuse to let fear dictate my life. Sometimes you just have to power through and get to the other side, feel the anxiety but push through. I know it’s harder than it sounds but it is definitely worth it.

Emma Spellman 2017/01/28 - 11:16 pm

What a great message. I used to be reallly passionate about pursuing my dreams and then I got really bad anxiety and it put at lot of things on hold, but I am not giving up yet.

Deborah Cruz 2017/01/29 - 12:51 pm

Go girl! Never give up.

Rebecca Swenor 2017/01/29 - 7:20 am

It is so true that our dreams can come true if we work hard and stick too what we want to accomplish. As a child I always related to Cinderella too. Anyway I believe it is so important for use all to teach our children that dreams do really come true. We have to teach them that fear can hold us back if we let it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Deborah Cruz 2017/01/29 - 12:03 pm

Thanks for stopping by. I believe whole heartedly that will there is a will there is a way and that is what I teach my girls. I want them to know that their hard work will be rewarded with success.

Ann Bacciaglia 2017/01/29 - 1:48 pm

This last year has been full of a lot of firsts for me.I have had to face my fears and start a new carer. One I did I have not turned back.

uprunforlife 2017/01/29 - 5:41 pm

I was always taught that hard work and dedication pays off. When, I got laid off for medical problems in 2011 it was frustrating and it is hard not to feel guilty for not being able to work. I try to keep thinking positive but at the same time I still feel super guilty.

Amber Killmon 2017/01/29 - 7:50 pm

There are so many things I’ve wanted to do but I’ve let fear of failure stop me. This post is such an inspiration.

rika 2017/01/29 - 11:27 pm

This is a great message. I always dream big, i have fear but always keep trying to reach my goals.

Stephanie Pass 2017/01/30 - 12:32 am

I definitely have fears that hold me back sometimes. They give me such anxiety. I would love to get through them and do some things I would love.

my teen guide 2017/01/30 - 12:53 am

this is a very interesting post! every human being should learn to fight the fears of life!

Lynndee 2017/01/30 - 10:08 am

Love that you’re teaching your girls to not give up on their dreams. I always tell my son to dream big and that dreams do come true. I’ve dreamed big when I was little and some of them already came true. 🙂

Karissa @WithOurBest (@withourbest) 2017/01/30 - 2:35 pm

I think it is so important to have goals and dream big. I wish I didn’t have health issues that held me back from my dreams… Maybe one day!

Gabriel 2017/01/30 - 8:01 pm

Dream a little dream for me! As they say, the only time you fail is when you quit!

The Cubicle Chick 2017/02/01 - 12:06 pm

There is soooooo much I would be doing but I’m afraid. I’m working through my fears day by day. – yolonda

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